The Vault AIS™ Financial Self-Assessment

The following 10 question self-assessment identifies your mindset in 10 key financial areas.

  • Key Area [1 of 10] Wealth

    Level 1, 2, 3 (Asleep)
    You do not have a plan and if you are honest with yourself, you don’t feel worthy of a plan of any kind in your life. You find that nearly 100% of your mental capital is focused on survival and this scarcity has compressed your vision and will not allow you to see much past today. You are willing to risk everything in and around your life just to survive and the future feels very small.

    Level 4, 5, 6 (Awake)
    You have stepped into abundance for the first time and can finally see the importance of a plan. You see others who have a plan and you are committed to creating your own to finally bring stability to your abundance. Although you seek it, the past stories of scarcity are still very strong and seem to kill your motivation to do the painful work to actually create the plan you desire.

    Level 7, 8, 9 (Active)
    You have transcended your past stories of scarcity enough to establish a solid basic plan. You are truly feeling abundance entering your world at a level that was previously unimaginable. The idea of returning to the chaos and survival you experienced in the past is unacceptable to you and your focus has begun to shift to expanding your PLAN in order to protect this new level of abundance.

    Level 10, 11, 12 (Accelerated)
    You have stabilized abundance and your plan empowers you daily to know that no matter what happens in the world around you, abundance can never be stripped away again. This reality has allowed you to turn your vision to prosperity and for the first time in your life, your purpose of legacy has begun to open up. You are now clear that you will spend the rest of your life putting a dent in the universe by building an empire that you can pass on to future generations who will follow you.

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At this moment in the process the awareness of where we are gives us insight to what is possible for our family, gives us a sense of empowerment and certainty of a plan that reduces the risk, and keeps the control and power in our hands when it comes to the legacy we want to create for our family. This process requires work, and consistently being aware of what it is we want out of life. Michael’s commitment to me and my family is beyond anything we have ever experienced. We trust him and this process.


We are grateful to have this family bank for investing in ourselves! We didn’t “know” we would “want/need” this money for our next step so “soon”! We are so glad we connected with you and your team to help us with this type of clarity and funding so that the cash is ready when we need it (NOW) – not stuck in the stock market.


Working with Vault AIS has brought me peace of mind to know that I’ve got a low risk and safe savings strategy that will provide for my family. Michael has not only helped me make sound financial decisions, he has also educated me on how to create a vault for my savings.


On an elementary level, the program has introduced us to a new way of looking at savings and how to leverage “our stuff” better. Having the peace of mind that we are saving and providing a financial foundation for our kids that we did not have ourselves is rewarding….


We have benefited greatly from knowing you. Looking forward to a lasting relationship. –Samantha


I can’t explain the disappointment I experienced when I reviewed my life insurance policy only to find it was not what I had had thought I had purchased. I am thankful that I was still insurable be on the back side of 55. The rollover to a paid up whole life plan was relatively easy. I did experience a minor taxable event but when the dust cleared I was in a more favorable financial position with a positive forward looking horizon. Thanks for everything!


We have been part of the vault AIS for 2 years and it has completely change my relationship with money and finances. I have went from scarcity in my bank account and mindset to now thinking in terms of abundance and prosperity. I have a different mindset on Legacy and realizing that this is the number one driver for me showing up to work everyday for me, my marriage and my family.


You have put me on the path to financial freedom. It is a long road and soon we will be debt-free and we will be discussing the size of my vault and using “The Bank of Chris Masters” to fund my future growth. Thank you!


Working with Mike Isom has been a blessing for me and my family. One year ago I had no life insurance and neither did my wife. We had a wedding to plan for with no plans of how to pay for it. Within the last year we were able to get life insurance for me and my wife and also start saving for our first daughters wedding as well. Can’t wait to see where we will be in another year from now. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mike Isom and Vault AIS to everyone looking to gain financial knowledge and that piece of mind that if something bad unexpectedly happened to you that your loved ones will be ok.


Michael is very knowledgeable and definitely has given great insights on how to protect and insure myself and my family. I look forward to our annual meetings.


When the opportunity came up to buy a second dental practice I was able to use the cash value of my life ins. to meet the lender’s requirement of having 10% of the total loan amount requested in liquid funds. If my money was tied up in 401k’s they would not have given me a loan.


We have a tremendous feeling of safety and protection and peace of mind that we didn’t have before.

Gary and Samantha

Everyone has been a pleasure to work with in helping set up my vault and guiding me through the process.


Michael’s integrity is beyond compare. I’ve never met anyone else in finance like him. He truly cares about your future and is not out to make a quick buck. Thank you for all the value you have provided my family and for the economic certainty in my life.


Vault AIS and their team from our first call brought massive amounts of value, showing and providing a way to securing our financial future and that having this plan assist us in every area of life allowing us to live life more fulfilled.


Since reading Killing Sacred Cows, then What would the Rockefeller’s do my life has changed financially. I have felt less guilt in spending, less stress when my wife spends money and really begun to enjoy life much more. My focus has shifted from accumulation to cash flow and it has been liberating. I have enjoyed purchasing investments which make me money and been able to take guilt free vacation time. When I graduated I thought I was going to need to live like I was poor for 4 years to pay back my student loans, which is one way of doing things, but I have been much happier than those of my colleges who are following that rout. Due to my mindset I have been able to create wealth and prosperity in my life.


Michael adds so much more value and peace of mind to our family financial situation. He goes above and beyond to serve, encourage and educate his clients.


I certainly appreciate everything your firm has done to answer my questions and set up my policies.


The process has been easy and I like it. It gives me a good overall view of my financial picture and to make sure things are going according to plan to reach my goals. If I ever have any questions or unexpected issues arise I can just ask and I will get an answer to solve the issue and I then I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


We love the peace of mind and the opportunities that Vault AIS has given us.


The idea of creating my own family/business bank has been great. Utilizing the money whenever I need it for expansion and opportunity gives me peace of mind and security. I am still learning and reading every year to get better and better at the process. Michael and his team are top notch, trustworthy, and provide a ton of value for which I am sincerely grateful.


I would refer any married business man and his family to Vault AIS to be empowered once again in and around their money life. Why? Because this has been my experience working with Michael, Lacey and Jim.


The team at VaultAIS has given me the vision that by having security and certainty in my life, I can be free to achieve any and all goals, dreams and desires for me and my family.


Understanding how to leverage the power of security and Human Life Value has been immeasurable. Having my money work for me and in line with my core values allows the security needed to take risks in business and invest in myself and business so production is enhanced greatly. I highly recommend Mike to all my colleagues, friends and family!


You have helped me with understanding a complex thing not very well understood by any persons. They for the most part have very different opinions on the topics and strategies you discuss. I like what you have to say and appreciate you.


Working with Michael and Lacey at Vault AIS has been great for my family and I in planning for and getting set up to secure our future financially. We enjoy and appreciate all that they do.