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Do you believe your #1 Investment is your business or career or do you believe that somebody else’s business (i.e. a mutual fund or a stock, which is somebody else’s business) is the #1 Investment out there today?

Think about it for just a moment.

What has put the most amount of cash in your pocket today? What will continue to put the most amount of cash in your pocket?

Do you see yourself as the #1 Asset? Are you taking care of yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and physically so you can show up in your business and career – creating at the highest level and enjoying life at the highest level?

Financial institutions and their agenda would have you believe that what they have is your #1 Investment. They would have you take money that you earn in your career/business and invest it with them in their businesses versus you continuing to live a challenge-based life and seeing yourself as the #1 Asset and your business or career as the #1 Investment.

You know for a fact that your business is your #1 investment.

#1 Asset = You! People are assets, things are not.

#1 Investment = Something that you control, have knowledge and expertise in (human life value), maybe some purpose and passion. That’s the business you own and operate. That’s the career you’re in.

#1 Strategy in the marketplace today is to keep the cash you’re relinquishing control of guaranteed, protected, and liquid. Guaranteed and protected in order to preserve your mindset so you continue to produce at the highest level.

If you believe that your #1 Investment is your business and/or your career, you’re going to continue to invest:

  • in yourself
  • in others around you
  • in your business
  • in your career

When you stop seeing yourself as the #1 Asset, you get bored with your life, bored in your career, bored with your business. As a result, you stop seeing your business and your career as the #1 Investment.

You start investing more and more time, effort, and energy into something that is outside of your control. That’s called gambling.

When you gamble, it’s a win-lose. There’s a winner and there’s a loser. It is a zero-sum game. You gamble and you lose! It hurts and can have a ripple effect in your life both personally and professionally.

If this is resonating with you, comment below with a hand and a comment that you’d like to learn how to leverage this more in your life.