Here is why the government shutdown does not affect Senators, Congresspeople, and other high ranking government officials.
#1 Asset  ✣  #1 Investment  ✣  #1 Strategy

When it comes to basic human rights, nothing will enslave the modern American faster than economic pressure.

In today’s society, a man or woman’s ability to provide the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing is directly dependent on their ability to produce income.

Individuals can quickly become slaves to their jobs or careers in order to provide the funds needed to simply survive.

The paycheck to paycheck financial mindset now enslaves workers from all sectors including government.

Top “Government” officials know this and use the idea of money as leverage to elicit cooperation with their agenda.

You see, the partial shutdown does not dramatically affect the finances of high-ranking officials in the government.
If these individuals felt the same financial pressures talked about by the media, they would be much more motivated to correct the childish impasses caused by party control. 

As it sits, they are able to maintain their opinions/platforms without significant changes to their quality of life.

How?  They have leveraged their #1 Strategy in one way or another.

Stocks, Bonds, 401Ks, pensions… are not liquid enough to help the 400,000+ families impacted by the partial shutdown.

Penalties and/or timelines to utilize those funds are simply unreasonable ways to help with short-term crisis limiting the ability to pay mortgages or buy food.

Savings is the obvious option.
However, highly educated and affluent professionals cringe at the thought of interrupting compounding.

Another option worth considering is a Vault, where the money is ProtectedLiquid, and Guaranteed.

It is not only possible but highly probable that most if not all affluent professionals inside of government have insurances and other liquid components in place inside of a Vault structured as their #1 Strategy.

Properly structured, these Vault’s allow professionals to maintain control, continue the compound curve, and maintain liquidity all while being protected and guaranteed by law.

It is within every American’s right and stewardship to live free and unbarred by financial slavery.

A Vault from Vault AIS™ is a guaranteed way to protect your financial freedom!