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What handcuffs are holding you back.

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Mid-September this year I participated in a
breakthrough event called Warrior Week.

You may remember me sharing with you that our son Kadin is participating in the most exclusive internship that an 18-year-old could have.

Yes, it’s at Wake Up Warrior.


A worldwide organization that I attribute my successful mental state too.

The founder and owner Garrett J White is close friend and client.

This organization puts on events for men, like me, to breakthrough limiting beliefs and forged through the crucible known as Warrior Week. I found powerful new beliefs to take back home to life, to my family, and my business.


There is nothing else out there like it.

Ok, back to my Warrior Week experience.


After a few days of intense physical and mental exhaustion, our group of 16 men, found ourselves entering a facility to learn yet another lesson that we could apply in our lives at a deep level.

Without giving away too much of what went on, I was handcuffed.

At this point, we were all exhausted.

With the handcuffs on, hands in front of me, I was placed in the middle of all the men, including 8 trainers.


They were all pushing on me and I was instructed to do everything in my power to get out from the middle of the group and touch the outside fenced padded wall.
They were instructed to do what they could to hold me in the center.


Not letting me out.
It was an MMA training room.
Boxing gym of sorts.


So there I was, handcuffed, the only man handcuffed mind you, all the other men did this without the handcuffs.


  • Panic?
  • Anxiety?
  • Worry?
  • Doubt?
  • Fear?

Oh yes, all of that. And then some.

One brother, Sam, an engineer, was an All American wrestler in college.

Ya, a few badasses waiting, wanting to do everything in their power to hold me in.


Hold me in and smother me. Have you ever felt this way?

  • Taxes?
  • Fees?
  • Insurance costs?
  • Excessive expenses?

You make all this money but at the end of the day, there’s not much left?

The financial institutions’ agenda.

Yes, they have one and it’s a big set of handcuffs that’s for sure.

It’s that same stressful feeling that I felt.

  • I could have given up.
  • Handcuffs?
  • Really?
  • Why me?
  • No one else had them?
  • Why me?
  • Take them off.

Give me the same chance as everyone else.


Not the case.

I had to make it happen with what I had.

Was I focused on what I didn’t have or what I did have?

What do you focus on when it comes to your money life?
What do you want to focus on?
What could we focus on?

I focused in,
I dug deep,
the bell rang and I went for it.

I released the dark warrior within me and I ripped through these men like butter. Lol

Okay, it wasn’t that easy but I did it.

And quick too.

  • How you ask?
  • With handcuffs on?


Where are the handcuffs in your life? Are they holding you back from getting what you want?
What are you doing about it?

Have you taken the time to get clear on what you do have and what is working?

What is not working and could work with a few minor tweaks of focus?
Sometimes in the moment, like me and the handcuffs, we are unable to see, what we do have and what we can do.

Want more clarity despite the handcuffs of life?


This is why I created Vault AIS.


You are your #1 Asset.
Your business /career is your #1 Investment.
And the #1 Strategy is The Vault.

Keeping your money in an AIS Vault where it’s:

  • Guaranteed
  • Liquid
  • Protected.


Know this.
Leverage this in every area of your life.

Yes, money and finances can and do, at times, feel like handcuffs.

It sounds funny, but sometimes all it takes is a little dark warrior to come out.


Unleash the dark warrior in your financial life.


I wish you all the very best.

I am filled with emotion thinking about life right now.
My life.
My family.
All of you and your lives.

The stewardship I feel when it comes to your financial life as well as my own.

I am empowered.

I celebrate and I appreciate all that is.

In Prosperity,

Michael G Isom

Curious about the specific handcuffs are holding you back?

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