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What is happening to Optic Financial?


We are re-branding to Vault AIS.
I could not be more excited.
It’s empowering for me to have created Vault AIS.
Embodying the core foundation of your plan with us.
Yes, at the core of your rock-solid financial plan is a Vault.
Securely backed by The AIS Triangle
  • #1 Asset Is You.
  • #1 Investment being your Career/Business.
  • #1 Strategy being your Vault. Having your cash guaranteed and protected.


As I’ve said before, and please remember, I want you to only take risk in your business where you control the variables. Where you have the most knowledge and the most expertise.


The most passion and the most experience.
This has been, and will always be, your highest rate of return.


And when you choose to relinquish control of your cash?  Keep it in your own personal Vault – your cash flow policies.


Welcome to
Vault AIS


In Prosperity,


Michael Isom