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“What is the best tip, trick, or strategy for amassing wealth?”

A question I’ve been asked hundreds of times.

Maybe you’ve asked this before…

I know I did once, and it cost me my family’s life savings.

Seeking a “trick” to bandage a faulty mindset is a FOOLS ERRAND!

“A fool and his money are soon parted”
-Thomas Tusser 1580

But here is the answer anyway…
“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”


This teaches a man to fix the faulty mind.
A guaranteed dollar is more valuable than a dollar at risk!

We’ve already covered your assets
and your investments…

So why is #1 Strategy last?

Because first, we take care of our #1 Asset, and our #1 Investment.

Then, when it comes time to save cash somewhere that is outside of your control, it is always best to keep is somewhere that is guaranteed, protected, & liquid!

Somewhere like this:

  • Guaranteed growth
  • PLUS, dividends that have been paid each year for over 100 years
  • Real tax benefits & protections
  • Protections from lawsuits and garnishments
  • Quickly accessible if needed or wanted
  • It can be utilized without interrupting the compound interest curve.

Given today’s uncertain economy,
If you could rethink three years ago, what would you do differently?

I would guess in hindsight you would want to save as much money as possible in the above type of account.


There is only one financial tool we know of that provides these benefits.

And it’s not a 401K, stock, bond, or cryptocurrency…

This can only be achieved in a specific type of whole life insurance with a paid-up additions rider from a mutual life insurance company!

The type of plan designed by Vault AIS™

More than ever before, our clients are seeing the economic ebb & flow with the market. 

However, they are on solid financial ground with their #1 strategy.

Some are leveraging the policy protections in order to sustain their businesses.

Some are converting their term policies to enable them to store larger amounts of cash as reserves.

Either way, the peace in the financial storm is a result of having a…

Healthy and stable financial mind.

Have a question?  Ask, we are here to help.