Oh, the grind of education.

Yes, I said it, The Grind of Education.

Question for me then becomes, how do you define Grind?

Elementary?  Fun for me.
Not a grind

Middle School?
A grind for me at first

9th and 10th grade?
A grind at first

11th and 12th, College?
Not a grind

Selling cell phones at the age of 22, making $20,000 dollars a month, going to school?
Not a grind

An education? FOR SURE.

I learned so much during those years:

  • selling,
  • marketing,
  • communicating,
  • customer service,
  • relationship building,
  • doing what I said I would do,
  • showing up on time,
  • investing,
  • losing money,
  • spending money,
  • exchanging value, (Dollars follow value, people are assets things are not, human life value is the source and creator of property value, and the list goes on and on.)
  • committing to a life of lifelong learning.

1993-1999 selling cell phones? A grind in a different way.

2000 starting in the financial services industry? Not a grind.

End of 2007 losing my family’s life savings? Um ya, that was more than a grind at first.

Getting back into the industry in 2011?  Not a grind.

What is with all this Grind talk?
Timelines you ask?

We can place any story around any and all parts of our life.
We do, in fact, choose the story; the meaning around any event we see and or experience.

What does Grind mean to you?

  • Anything you want it to be.
  • Anything you say that it is.

Today for me?
A Grind is a gift.

A gift for me to learn, to grow, to expand, and to create even more with.

Why the substantial change?

I” started questioning my truths, my stories.
My mindset.

How did this happen?
The AIS Triangle™

Yes, the same AIS here at Vault AIS™

You see, for the years of my life that were a grind, I forgot one major thing; Life changing at that.

That I was the problem and oh ya guess what?
I was also the solution.

I am my #1 Asset.
You are your #1 Asset.

Gifts waiting for you.
Gifts that have always been there and will always be there every day moving forward.

Highest yield? YOU
Safest Place? YOU

Any Questions?
Great, get to work.
Question your thoughts.

Questions your truths. Yesterday’s truths, today’s and tomorrow’s.
Ask yourself:

  • Is this true? 
  • How can you really know it’s true?
  • How about this one, how useful it that truth? Hmmm, more on that later.

This is who we are at Vault AIS™

Truth seekers.

This is who you are also. Our trusted clients.
Members of the Vault AIS™ Movement.

Hold your head high.
Be proud.
Live with boldness and knowing.
Courage and Confidence.

Share this with those who you know are looking for this in their life.

Yes, money and finance play a major roll in this either being a grind or a gift.

Being true or not true. Useful or not.
Give a gift.

Make your life a gift versus a grind.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™

Thank you for trusting me with this most important part of your life.
We appreciate and celebrate your part in this financial movement.

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