Thank you for asking, we have built a referral tool for you to use.

First of all, thank you for considering and trusting myself, and our team here at Vault AIS, to refer someone. It’s a compliment. We take referrals seriously here at Vault AIS. Thank you very much for even considering and wanting to refer someone.

I know it’s a new feeling when you experience the power, the empowerment, the courage, and the confidence of really solidifying that you’re the #1 Asset.

When you take care of yourself, you have more to offer those around you.   You have that, not only as a financial plan, but the strategy surrounding that plan and as an estate plan to pass on a legacy of, not only financial capital, but the mental capital.

You are your #1 Asset.

Your business/career is your #1 Investment.

The #1 Strategy in the marketplace today, when you’re going to relinquish control of your cash, is to put it into a vault, to put it into a whole life insurance policy with that paid-up additions rider.

You could ask a friend or a family member or an associate in your office, “Where do you store your cash?”

They might say, “What do you mean where do I store my cash?”

You’re clear yourself and you want to assist others with this clarity; and with this clarity, the empowerment that comes with it.

We all know how much money and finance play a major role in our life.

When we’re empowered by it, we can increase the productivity within our career and within our own business.  But if we’re living in scarcity, fear, doubt, and worry around our money and finance, we really have no promise.

Money has this huge ripple effect in our life

You want to share this.

Give us a little bit of information about the person you’d like to refer to us.

We’re going to treat them the same way that we treated you.

We’ll send them a book.

We’re going to encourage them to take the Vault AIS™ Financial Self-Assessment to find out where they are versus where they could be in those 10 key areas of their life financially.

If you haven’t taken that assessment for a while, take it yourself.

We’re going to ask them some questions about what’s working, and what’s not working.

They’re going to get a ton of value before they even get on my schedule.

If they go through those areas, get a ton of value, and they want to get in on my schedule, we’re then going to assist them with that just like we did with you.

Thank you for considering referring someone to us.

We take this seriously, we want every single referral that comes to our office to have an amazing experience just like you did.