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I remember as a young boy wishingwanting, looking for something more.

This carried over into my adult life.

Wishing, wanting, searching for something more.

  • Wishing for what?
  • Wanting more of what?
  • Searching for more of what?


Social media/marketing today is a multi-BILLION dollar a year business.

What marketing are you listening to?

What is that marketing saying?

What has it led you to do?

When have you stopped, taken a deep breath, and questioned that marketing?

The message that you are living today;
Is it working?
Or is it not working for you?


What am I saying?

What are you hearing?

Answer these questions for yourself:

  1. Where am I today with my money life?
  2. Where do I want to be?
  3. Why do I want this?
  4. What is the first thing I could do to get that?

The billions of dollars spent on marketing, being funded by the financial institutions, meets their agenda.

Is it meeting yours?

Could there be another way?

Is it working?

Only you will know.

One thing I am clear on, and I invite you if you are not clear on this to gain clarity, is to stop and close your eyes and answer the 4 questions above.

Yes, we believe you are your #1 Asset. Do you?

Your Business/Career is your #1 Investment. Do you know this? Does your money support this belief?

And a Vault is the #1 Strategy in the market today for storing your cash.
Is your money

  • Guaranteed?
  • Protected?
  • Liquid?

Liquid to use back into your life for future money decisions you will make anyway. The difference here is that you are the bank. This creates a very high rate of return. 

At the root of this whole conversation is Self-Reliance.

No one is coming to save you.

It’s up to you to know.

Yes, this takes time.


Question things.

Update year to year.

And in that knowledge comes power.

Power to create the life you want.


Not a life created by someone else for you.
This is not easy.

And yes it will take a while.

Buckle up.

How much does money and finance play a role in your life?

What more could you do feeling 100% confident, 100% certain in your money life?

Would that be worth the time, money, and effort to invest in your planning?
We are here.

We have our plan.

We are empowered by it.

Are you?

Are those around you that you care the most about?

Not sure?

Take our assessment today to measure 10-key areas of your money life.

Remember step 1? Where am I?
Self Assessment
Take our assessment today to know.

Share it with others to know.

For those of you that are clients.

We send at a minimum an email and postcard inviting you to know on an annual basis.

  • To check in.
  • To review.
  • To update.
  • To be reminded.
  • To be empowered, once again, as to what’s possible in your money life.

 Create the life you want.

Live on purpose.

Invest in yourself.

Take the time to know.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™