Last Saturday I asked this question on my Facebook profile: “What keeps you up at night when it comes to money?”

Out of all of the responses, this ONE really stood out to me.

“Not that there isn’t enough of it but that I didn’t do enough to get what was mine.”

The productive mindset: How do I continually bring a better experience to customers and the community.
The consumptive mindset: Demand the most while giving the least possible.

Of the two, who would you want to be around?

You see the productive mindset will always build more wealth than the person who is stuck in consumption.

That’s fairly logical.

But it can become confusing to some when they realize that those who live in a productive mindset will ALWAYS out consume the consumptive minded person.

This is true as long as the producer is “producing” MORE than they are consuming.

In other words:

  1. The more value you create in the marketplace, the more money flows into your pocket.
  2. The more money you have, the better quality of life you can live without worrying about surviving.
  3. This allows you to build even more value for the marketplace, and the cycle expands.So, the question is not “How much are you consuming?”

A better question is: “Are you creating more than you are consuming?”
The answer to that question will make all the difference in your financial life!

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