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How often do you want to take the financial self-assessment?

Take it as often as you want.

I would encourage you to take it at a minimum every year.

When? The time that you get the card in the mail, and the emails from us to do your annual review.

Take the time. Money and finance play a major role in our life.

We want you to be empowered by your finances.

We want you to be empowered by the #1 asset, #1 investment, #1 strategy.

You’re crystal clear that the #1 asset in your life is yourself, that your business and your career is your #1 investment. It always has been, and it always will be. You control it, you have the most knowledge, expertise, purpose, and passion.

#1 strategy in the marketplace today to save your cash outside of your control, is to keep it guaranteed, protected and liquid. These are your vaults. These are your life insurance policies where you’re maximizing the paid-up additions, taxes, budgeting, insurance, wealth strategies.

Where are you? Where could you be?

What are the steps to take to get to where you want to be?

The assessment allows you to see this quickly in 10 key areas.

Compartmentalize things, pull it off the shelf once a year, open it all up, do your annual review, take the assessment, see where you are, measure where you’ve come from to where you’re at today, make a few changes and tweaks, maybe update a few things, change a few things, add some additional cash here, take away some from there, package it all up, put it on the shelf.

Know versus hope; that’s the purpose around any of this. To know versus hope, and leverage that knowing.

The self-assessment will assist you in just that, pull it off the shelf minimum once a year, and retake the assessment. Then use that knowing to continue to produce throughout the year in your #1 investment, and have the peace of mind in #1 asset and #1 strategy, to leverage up personally and professionally throughout the year.