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As I sit here in my seat waiting to fly up to Salt Lake City from Saint George I’m reminded of the plane crash of my 2 business partners June 8th 2006. 

Rey Hooper and Les McGuire.
They were like brothers to me. 
I met the 2 of them along with Garrett Gunderson back in 2000 when I got into the financial services industry.

We had just bought into a 6th share of a private plane. The pilot, Blaine Pugmire, used to fly commercial and was certified to fly this plane. A Lance-air 4 seat turbo prop airplane.
They had flown to Saint George to spend the day with me and run a seminar that night.
It was late that night when they left the Saint George airport to fly back to northern Utah. There were thunderstorms all around.

My assistant at the time had taken them to the airport. He was the last person to see them alive.
On their final approach into the Provo Utah airport they hit a microburst cloud throwing them 1,000 feet up and straight down into a lake.
Killing the 3 men on board.

It took 4 days to recover 1 body and the 5th day to recover the other 2.
Search and rescue from all around the area volunteered their time and resources to search for them. Divers tirelessly combing the area for their bodies.
As we sat on the shores holding each other crying and really in shock as to the reality of what had happened. Shock and disbelief. To this day as I look back it’s still hard to believe.

Danita, Rey’s wife leaned over to me and said I’m pregnant. As we sat waiting for them to recover their bodies… They had not yet told anyone they were pregnant.

I’m tearing up as I write this.
Oh my God it was so heavy. Pure shock really.
Funerals were held. A massive celebration for life that’s for sure.
I still miss them in a massive way. I think about them often.
When I get together with Garrett Gunderson from time to time we will often reminisce about the good times we had with them.

I thank God daily to be alive. Feeling and experiencing all that I feel and experience.
Rey and Les taught me so much.

  • Abundance.
  • Produce more than you consume.
  • Charity.
  • Love.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Power.
  • Empathy.
  • Integrity.
  • Stewardship.
  • To think legacy.

And on and on and on.

My 1st tattoo on my left shoulder was in tribute to them, in remembrance of them.

What memories will others share about you when you pass on?
What memories do you want to be shared?

I call this whole thought process The Death Perspective. Perspective determines action.
Our stories that we tell ourselves. The beliefs we have.
About ourselves, others, life, finances, marriage, parenting, business, our career, money, debt, savings, investments, insurances etc.

  • I’m healthy.
  • I’m wealthy.
  • I’m poor.
  • I’m unworthy.
  • I’m not loved.
  • I’m loved.
  • I don’t have enough.
  • If someone has more than me I’m not happy for them.
  • There is never enough.
  • I’m overinsured.
  • I’m underinsured.
  • I can’t save a dime if my life depended on it.
  • I’m fat.
  • I’m skinny.
  • I’m stupid.
  • I’m smart.
  • I’m creative.
  • I’m filled with fear doubt and worry.
  • I’m confident courageous clear and focused.
  • There is an abundance of love and peace and I create that and attract that in my life.
  • I’m clear.
  • I’m confident.
  • I’m powerful.
  • I’m courageous.
  • Fun.
  • Loving.
  • Grateful.

And on and on and on.

Think about this story for just a moment.

I’m great at making money but no matter what I do I can’t hang onto any of it.
To go even deeper with it. I’m not worthy of large amounts of money in my life.

Wow! Can you see how these stories keep playing out in your life? How they keep showing up?
Over and over and over.

The question I have for you is this: Are they true?
The stories in your head.
The ones you and I both repeatedly tell ourselves.
Then consciously or unconsciously we play them out in our lives.
All areas of our lives too. Our Body. Our Being. Our Balance and our Business. [Being is our spiritual life. Balance is our relationships]
Body Being Balance Business. BBBB.

Here is the reality: They are as true as you think they are.
How do I know? I tell myself the same stories.
All of the above.

The difference for me today. I utilize a tool,  a set of tools, to question my thoughts.
What? Yep, you heard me. A tool to question my thoughts. Asking myself is this true?
Extracting the lesson. Applying the lesson and ultimately creating a new story to tell myself.

A Story that when I strip away the pride, the ego, the limiting beliefs keeping me from what I really want. A Story that empowers me. Moves me closer to happiness.


It’s not a matter of if, but when.
Be the cause in the matter of your life.
Create the ideal life you want. The one that empowers you. The one that is worth living for. Not just to die for but to live for.