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Up a Tree and No Way Out!

There we were, 34 miles out in the middle of the desert.

Beat up.
Frustrated as hell.
Many of you know I started a race team earlier this year.
Mobbin Racing.

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September 23rd, I raced with Dr. Michael Buffington.
The Silver State 150.
After taking the holeshot in our row of 4, passing almost 20 racers, our race came to a screeching halt when I hit a tree.

Ripped off the front left corner of my car. The whole tire axle assembly was broken.

That race was over 34 miles into the 155-mile race.
Despite 2hrs of attempting repairs. Including parts being brought out to us.
It was unrepairable.
I was so frustrated.
Hours and hours of prep leading up to this.

  • Time.
  • Money.
  • Energy.

Needless to say, there was about 5 min of GoPro footage audio that we would not want to use in our documentaries. Bleep – bleep – bleep.

I was disappointed.
Our whole race team was.
Weeks later, after the needed repairs, I went out testing.
20 miles out, Bam!
The front right side broke.
Similar break.

I was not happy.
Frustrated as hell. 

Are you kidding me?
LOL, I know what you’re thinking, GoPro footage? Nope, left them home on this test run.
It took the rest of the day, and then some, to get the machine back home.
Why am I telling you this story?
What did I learn from it?
What can you learn from it?
What on earth does this have to do with being successful with your money?

Read on:
A few days ago, I was racing in the Tonopah 250 with Zackry Cooper.

Now, 4 days later, I am at 30,000 feet writing this email on my way to review my 2018 business planning with a board in Austin, Texas.

Up here in the air, I discovered a key to what happened at Silver State’s mile marker 34 and how that event paved the way for success in Tonopah.  

Tonopah was a fast and very exciting race.
But, from the moment we left the starting line something was different.
Was it the machine?
My navigator?
The prep prior to?
Was it because my beautiful bride Wendy was there? She says yes.
The race team?
A new area of the desert?
None of the above.
It was me.
I was different.

I had taken the time to extract the lessons from our last race and apply them to this one. 

And guess what?  Not only did we finish that beast, 250 Miles in 4 hours and 58 minutes, we WON our class; bringing home the 1st place trophy.
It felt so good.
I was so excited.
Zack was excited.
My wife Wendy was there to share in the emotion.
Our whole race team shared in the victory.
But guess what?
It was not about the car.
Or the win.

It was about our mindset.

Our focus.
Our team’s determination.
Our discipline to extract the lessons and apply them moving forward.
This applies to every area of our lives.
And especially with our money.
Your money.

“Disciplined Spending, Saving, and Investing is Irrelevant without Disciplined Thinking”

Are you clear about how and what you think about when it comes to your money?
Why does this even matter?
Do you leverage this in your life to create more for you and all those you come in contact with?
Are you clear about your #1 Asset?
Your #1 Investment
And the #1 Strategy when it comes to what to do with your money?
Don’t stop the racing!
In the race, you will always be fulfilled; Creating the most for you and so much more for those around you.

My name is Michael G Isom.
I am the creator of Vault AIS.
Secured by The AIS Triangle.
This process is the most efficient and effective process in the market today.

In Prosperity,

Michael G Isom