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Hi, this is Jim from Michael’s office.

Look, I get it, we are all tired of the chaos.

That’s why I’m hijacking this week’s email!

Every day the media pushes some new carnage into what they are leading us to believe is a 2020 train wreck.

The doom and gloom.

But is it really a train wreck?

I have a friend who I met in a “Wakeup Warrior” experience several years.  I have a unique relationship with him. He, I, and a small group of other men overcame many demanding physical and mental obstacles together.

My heart dropped when I got a text message telling me he was in the hospital fighting for his life as a result of Covid-19.

Day after day I hear news of the living hell he is enduring.

I don’t think I can even comprehend what he Is going through.

He asked that I remember him in my prayers.

But each communication from him has a surprising twist.

He always ends with gratitude and with renewed faith in his religious beliefs.

It never fails!

Gratitude to God, Jesus, Friends, and Family.

He is still in the hospital, but he is soon to be released.

I am in awe of his willpower and perspective.

He is choosing to lead by example.

My friend is a leader.

Though the miracle of modern medicinebelief, and willpower he has been blessed to live, while many are not.

Sadly, we have become a society of negative based consumption. It’s easier to maintain the negativity trend than to be a leader of a better mindset.

Here are two FB posts, what would you choose to read?

  • “You have a 99.95% chance of NOT dying from COVID-19.” (Based on total confirmed deaths in the USA as of Aug 6, 2020)
  • Or this one for NBC news. “One death every 80 seconds: The grim new toll of COVID-19 in America” followed with a sad photo of caskets lining a mortuary?

We’ve been handed a pair of dirty glasses with a bad prescription…
Yet we wonder why we can’t see exactly what’s going on. 

By the way, Georgetown University statistics from 2016 show that normally 5 people die every minute in the USA.

That’s one every 12 seconds.

And the CDC.gov shows that one person dies every 37 seconds from Heart Disease.

Is Covid-19 a horrible sickness.


I wish COVID on neither friend nor enemy!

It’s scary as hell for those who get it and their family and friends.

Yet as a society we are encouraged to wear a mask so we can go to town to fuel ourselves with fast-food and then lay around indoors binging on YouTube, Netflix, and social media.

The next TikTok challenge gets more attention than sustaining life itself…

We are distracted beyond comprehension.

It’s illogical but normal…

And it’s the “normal” that I’m frustrated about.

I’m all for flattening the curve. But that focus does not eliminate the virus, it only slows the rate of infection.

I am also all for doing what my friend did and taking off the bad “glasses” to

  • extract the lessons
  • find hope
  • renew faith
  • share to uplift others

I do it so that I know my own soul. (IE: who I am at a core level.)

And to take inventory of where I am mentally. 

  • What 2020 emotional “rocks” am I carrying?
    • Are they serving me or am I serving them?
    • Are they tied to my technology habits?
    • Do they build up a foundation of abundance or are they trying to cave in my roof of production?
    • How do I react to race, poverty, politics, health…?


  • What if something terrible happened and I didn’t make it?
    • Have I loved fully?
    • Is my family protected physically and financially?
    • Have I done my best to take care of my body and health?
    • Do my children know what I stand for and why?
    • Do they know that I love them more than work, food, my phone, or the couch?
    • Does my wife know how much I adore her?

You and I get to choose what glasses to use when looking at the world.

The glasses we choose directly impact everything from our ability to get out of bed in the morning, to the ability to fight for our livesliberties, and sacred honor.

Even in hardship or economic “downturn”, you can produce abundance, hope, and positivity.

Or you can consume, laying waste to an entire legacy of production.

The facts are indeed facts…
How you look at those facts makes all the difference

Choose to Produce