Several years ago I bought a Yoga membership. Not just any yoga.
Hot Yoga.

I was excited.

It’s sounded amazing.

Health benefits.
I attended several times then it slowly fizzled out.
I stopped going.
I lost interest.

However what kept going were the monthly debits to my checking account to pay for the membership.

Yes, I had signed up for a 1 yr contract.

Has this ever happened to you?
How did it feel?

You were all excited in the beginning then you slowly lost interest.

What can you do about it?
What did I do about my yoga membership?

First of all, I acknowledged the fact that I signed up for it and no one had a gun to my head.

I am accountable.

Yes, we know this.
However, we may lose sight of that fact.

I did and do from time to time.
You see I started blaming the yoga studio owners as if it were their fault.

Who is ultimately accountable?
I am.
You are.

What happens when we blame others?
Especially when it comes to money.

We lose our power.
Don’t lose your power.
Remain in power, in control, by staying accountable for your actions.

Make a ruthless commitment and trust in yourself.

Yes, from time to time we will want to course correct.
Update, shift right or left just a little, set it and go.

It’s In the going that we benefit the most.

I recommitted and started back.
Wow was it amazing!

Renewed sense of purpose to keep my body weaponized and cleansed, allowing me to perform at the highest level.

Not just perform at the highest level, but to create and experience life at the highest level.

Where are you with your planning? Your Financial Planning?

Gun to your head or purpose driven?

Time for a renewed sense of purpose as to what you are doing?

Are you empowered as to your money plan?
Is it working?

Stay the course.

Money x Rate x Time = Wealth

And then the ability to multiply that by adding utility to the equation.

Remember what banks do with our money?
They use it.

How are you using your cash?
#1 Strategy with your money in the AIS Triangle™.

Top 5 ways to use your cash.

  1. Acknowledge the fact that you have cash that is guaranteed, protected and liquid allowing you to produce at an even higher level than before in your #1 Investment. Protecting your courage and your confidence. How much is this worth to you?
  2. Use the cash value in your Vault to pay off high-interest debt then make those payments back to pay off your cash value loan. Banking with your cash. Remember the difference in interest rates? This could be huge. Consolidation.
  3. Car loans, business equipment, real estate investments, capital in and out of our business.
  4. College funding. Our kids will pay back their college loans through our family bank making all that money available again for my wife and I to spend and enjoy during the distribution years of our life. 529’s nor student loans work like this. And we are not breaking the growth curve of our cash the whole time. No other product does this.
  5. The death benefit of our Vaults allow us all to spend all of our cash during the later years of our life at a 40-50% greater rate than those who have not planned like this. And at the same time leave a significant portion of it behind to our estate. Our kids, grandkids, charitable organizations etc.



It’s not about the yoga membership.
It’s about you.

You are the #1 Asset.
Start seeing yourself as such.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS™
Creator of The AIS Triangle™