We have all felt the effects of inflation in our lives in the last few years. Record highs!

Since Covid it’s been extremely challenging to know what to do. How to navigate the effects of an ever-changing market.

Real Estate is super unpredictable.
Extremely highly mortgage rates. More than doubled the last year or so.

Let’s look at an example of having $1,000,000 saved for retirement. At a 3% annual inflation rate over a 20-year period of time that $1m will spend like $500k today.
That’s at 3%. We’ve been in the 9% + percent the last year or so.

Inflation may be out of control, but you don’t have to be.
What do we do then?
What can you do?
The AIS Triangle™!

Simply put, the best hedge against inflation is YOU. Yes, you. #1 Asset. You are the #1 Asset.
Seek to increase your Human Life Value. (HLV)
Your knowledge.
Your expertise.
Your education.

Especially in the areas that you have purpose and passion in.
Take this increased HLV and create more value to exchange in the marketplace.


In a career? Increase your personal stock value to become of more value to your employer. Go to them with ideas. Better more efficient ways to do things.
I absolutely love it when Lacey comes to me with an idea. A solution.
I support and encourage her taking online courses.


If you are a business owner suggest this to your team. Encourage it. Make it available. Have fun with it.
People are assets, things are not. You are the #1 Asset.


Inflation hedge #2.
The #1 Investment is in the area that you have control. Knowledge. Expertise. Purpose and passion.
Your own business. Your career.
Business owners. Look at your systems. Processes. Marketing. Messaging. Your value proposition. What areas can you double down in?


I recently met with a doctor client for an annual review. In the last 2 years he has increased his net revenue by 28%.
He doubled his office space. Brought on two new associate doctors. Created a nutrition line of testing with full blood work and coaching.


In our own office in the last year, we came out with my new book, What We’re Worth. Expanded my personal office to include a new recording studio and podcast area.
Launched the Wealth Untethered podcast with Patrick Donohoe. And created the power Infinity Wealth tool.
Both can be found HERE.


All the above have an element of risk associated with it. It’s risky to expand. To grow. To create.
Uncertainty, Risk, Variety in our life is a basic need of ours. I wrote about this in my new book.


Take risk in your investments. In you. In your business. In your career. In any other area you have control, knowledge, expertise, purpose, and passion.
Not in your savings.


If you are taking risk in an area where you have no control, limited or no knowledge, expertise, you are gambling. Stop gambling.
Wall Street promotes gambling.

  • Would you gamble with your health?
  • Would you gamble with your marriage?
  • Would you gamble with your kids’ lives?

No, of course not. Then do not gamble with your money.


Savings are guaranteed, protected, and liquid. This is the #1 Strategy of the AIS Triangle™. Cash that you are going to relinquish control of, keep it GPL.
Guaranteed, protected and liquid. Mainly to protect your courage and your confidence to continue to produce and take risk in the areas where you do have control knowledge and expertise: Yourself and your business/career.
Bigger business, bigger savings.


How do you then hedge against inflation?
With your investments not your savings.
You and your business/career.


Are you getting this?
Need or want a refresher?
Simply reply to this email for Lacey to assist you in getting scheduled with me.


The greatest ROI (return on investment) is in you. ROY. (Return on YOU)