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Wake up!

Are you awake?

We create massive action in our lives and in our clients lives around money,  finance, and banking.

  • Where are you at financially?
  • Are you empowered by your money life?
  • Are you a victim or hero in your life around your money?

Money is a tool.

A tool to produce with.

Money is a receipt.

A receipt exchanged for value. 

How do we know if what we provided for someone was of value to them?

They exchanged with us. The most common form of exchange is money.

Currency. A receipt that what we provided for someone was indeed of value to them.

Here is a dollar; I value what you have more than this dollar.

If you value this dollar more than what you have, let’s exchange.

A free exchange with no decoration or coercion.

Exchange creates wealth. 

Money and finance play a major role in our lives. 

Enhancing who we are even more than ever. 

Money is a tool to produce with.

  • How is money and finance influencing your life?
  • How do you want it to?
  • Are you sure?
  • Why?

We, here at Optic Financial, empower our clients to utilize money as a tool to produce even more of what they want in their lives.

We are clear about how money works in our world.

The agenda of a financial institution and how to utilize this agenda to create high rates of return with low risk in your life.

Leverage the Economic Value of Certainty in your planning today. 

Yes, and for many, start planning.

I created a system to simplify finance, lower your taxes, pay yourself interest versus a bank, maintain control versus relinquish control, create a high rate of return with low risk, safe guard your cash and ensure it is passed on to future generations.


In Prosperity,


Michael Isom