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Last Saturday night Wendy and I saw the movie Collateral Beauty with Will Smith.

Am I becoming an official movie critic or what? Ha, maybe I am.

I loved the movie.

I teared up several times in the show.

I enjoyed the reminders in the show about love, death, and time.

The perspective of mine that was enhanced.

The main theme was that of noticing the Collateral Beauty around us.

Here is my personal take on it.
Life will continue to move along, with or without me.

With or without me checked into life and/or checked out in life. It still moves on. Time.

People will come and people will go.

Love is and will always be, it’s up to me to see it, feel it and share it up.

No one else but me. And with that, I am fulfilled and I create the most for those around me.

This is no different than our perspective around money in our lives.

Enhancing our perspective in this area will bring an awareness that allows us to see so much more in and around us.

The Collateral Beauty around us at all times if we can just see it.

Where in your life today is money affecting your ability to see?

To experience?

To truly live?

To love the way you really know and want to?

Is money holding you captive to where you feel like you don’t have time for any of this?

Are you afraid of death?

Your death?

Loved ones around you?

Think Legacy.

EXTRACT the life lessons and apply them moving forward in every area of your life.

Celebrate and Appreciate all that is and leverage that moving forward creating more momentum than anything else you could do on a regular basis.

Set up your life where money is not the primary reason for doing or not doing something?

This is true freedom.

Live free.

See the Collateral Beauty in and around you more than ever before.

In Prosperity,
Michael Isom

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