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Michael Isom and Barry Brooksby, owners of Optic Financial have worked with Garrett Gunderson for years. We think you’ll enjoy this article and wanted to share it with you…

Is there really a secret to becoming a millionaire?

We don’t pretend that there’s a “one-size-fits-all” system that every millionaire uses.


If someone is massively successful, it’s worth seeing how they did it, wouldn’t you agree? The folks over at Lifebook think so. They even featured Garrett in a recent email as someone you WANT to get advice from…












In case you didn’t know, Garrett became a millionaire by age 26.

He remembers sitting on a plane after it happened, looking at his financial numbers and thinking to himself,

“So this is how it feels.”

And how did it feel?

Not much different than the day before. EXCEPT for one thing…



The Most Important Secret Garrett Learned from the Wealthy Elite…

While Garrett was learning the ropes and rubbing elbows with the ultra-rich during his early 20s, he discovered this important truth:

The rich HATE losing money.

So “risk management” is priority #1 for them.

They use sophisticated (and sometimes complicated) legal structures to accomplish this.

However Garrett also discovered one part of their financial toolbox that ANYONE can use to their advantage, even if they aren’t already “rich”…

And with it he built himself a financial foundation, framework and safety net that…

  • Protects his money from financial predators…
  • Preserves his wealth from Market loss and volatility, and…
  • Allows him get a little richer every day with a contractually guaranteed rate of return.

The framework he uses is called “Cash Flow Banking.”

What is Cash Flow Banking?

Basically, Cash Flow Banking rigs the financial game in your favor

For instance, a properly structured Cash Flow Banking System helps you:

  • Earn a consistent, guaranteed return no matter what the stock market does.
  • Be your own “bank” and quickly borrow cash for anything you want without the hassle of a loan application.
  • Automatically build up a cash reserve for investing, emergencies, vacations, business needs or tax-free retirement.
  • Grows your deposits by an annual, contractually guaranteed rate (historically 4%) plus additional dividends that can boost your cash value up to 8% or more.
  • Eliminates cash flow problems with quick-access loans for any purpose. No checking your credit report and no questions asked.
  • Protects you against litigation, so you never have to worry about losing your money due to a lawsuit or bankruptcy (protection varies by State).
  • Offers immediate access to your money in the event of a disability or any other emergency without having to “cash out” (so you won’t trigger an expensive capital gain).
  • Allows you to receive monthly checks TAX FREE when you decide to retire… with no age restrictions and no early withdrawal penalties.

Sounds incredible, huh?

It is, but let’s be clear. Cash Flow Banking did not MAKE Garrett a million dollars.

It did help him become a millionaire by protecting, preserving and growing the money he made in his businesses and investments instead of letting that money slip away to banks and Wall Street.

Over time — by protecting your money and re-capturing the interest usually going to banks — Cash Flow Banking is a phenomenal foundation to build lasting, generational wealth.

How has it worked out for Garrett?

He now has 13 separate “Cash Flow Banking” accounts.

These enable him to buy cars, provide cash flow for business operations, finance vacations and even buy entire businesses.

He simply borrows money from his Cash Flow Bank.

And when he pays those loans back?

HE gets richer instead of the banks.

Is Cash Flow Banking Right for You?

Cash Flow Banking can be structured to work in many situations for almost anyone, young or old, no matter how much money you make or have.

Some people start small with a $100 per month “capitalization plan.”

Others contribute thousands each month, and some people even drop in a large lump sum to get things started even quicker.

There’s no one “right way” to do it, and each “Cash Flow Bank” can be set up according to your financial ability and goals.

Here’s What to Do Now

Due to the popularity of Cash Flow Banking, we’ve decided to provide you with some additional free education about the concept. Email for a free article at info@opticfinancial.com.

Because as amazing as the benefits we’ve just described sound?

They are just scratching the surface of what a Cash Flow Banking System can do for you.


If you want to learn more, email us at info@opticfinancial for your free educational article.

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