It’s clear to me today more than ever before, when I get bored I start to sabotage things in all areas of my life.

Don’t get bored and sabotage things in your life.

What am I talking about?

The arrival syndrome.

The entitlement mentality.

We can put many names on it.

The bottom line is this.


We get bored.

We are unfulfilled at a deep personal level.

Yes, we can mask it and we do but eventually it catches up to us.


*We may “burn our current business to the ground”. Only to start over again.

*We become distant in our relationships.
With our spouse, with our kids, with our clients, patients.

*We lose focus on what’s most important in our lives.

*Our purpose in life both personally and professionally.

What’s the solution you may ask?

Glad your asking. Ha

To make your future bigger than your past, says Dan Sullivan from strategic coach.

  • Yes, constantly growing.
  • Constantly expanding.
  • Constantly creating.
  • In every area of our lives.

How often do we do this?


When we do this we are personally fulfilled at the highest level.

This is what we are wanting in our lives any way.

We want that personal fulfillment at its deepest level.

And we can do it by creating the most for others around us also.


It’s beautiful in so many ways.

I encourage you right now to STOP and ponder these questions in your life.

  • What areas of my life have I become complacent in?
  • What areas do I feel like I’ve arrived?

Personally and professionally.

Are there areas of your life that are holding you hostage to being stuck?

No perspective on growing and expanding.

How does this translate or have anything to do with personal finance?

It has everything to do with it. 

How you may ask?

If there are any money decisions in your life right now that are derailing you from expanding and growing.

Stop them.

Remember what your #1 asset is.

Remember and refocus on your #1 Investment.
Your own business/your own career.

Remember and refocus on the #1 Strategy in the market.
Saving your money in a cash flow insurance policy that allows you to have:

  1. A very high guaranteed rate of return.  
  2. Your cash protected.
  3. Your cash liquid to utilize in your family bank for future money decisions your going to make anyway. Paying yourself.

By doing so you will be more present, aware, conscious than ever before to create, expand and grow in every area of your life.

Yes it’s true, cash flow insurance allows one to experience life at its highest level. Constantly expanding, growing and creating.

Don’t get bored.

Don’t sabotage areas of your life.

Get clear on what matters most to you.

Focus on expanding you and others around you.

This is the proven formula for success.

Yes, you can test it for yourself.


Michael Isom