Lacey here with exciting news about my family! My husband, Tyler, who serves in the Army, has been assigned to a new station in Connecticut. This means that we, along with our energetic 4-year-old son, Anthony, and our sweet 10-month-old, Isaiah, will be relocating from Arizona next week.

Tyler will be doing a 38-hour road trip, driving with all our belongings, and I’ll be taking a flight with our sons to meet him there the day he arrives. It’s an exciting but undoubtedly challenging move for our family.

This brings me to the importance of future planning, especially during significant life transitions. As we navigate this move, we’re reminded of how crucial it is to have all the details in order – from financial accounts to personal preferences and arrangements.

I encourage you and your partner to take some time together to reflect on the following questions. Whether you’re facing a move like ours or simply planning for the future, having a clear understanding of your financial and personal affairs brings peace of mind. 

  1. Financial Accounts and Passwords:
    • Do you have a comprehensive list of all your financial accounts?
    • Are you aware of the login credentials for online banking, investment accounts, and credit cards?
    • Have you considered a secure method to share this information with a trusted family member?
  2. Mortgage and Property Information:
    • Do you know the details of your mortgage, including the lender’s name and contact information?
    • Have you discussed a plan for the property in the event of your passing?
  3. Life Insurance and Death Benefits:
    • Do you have a clear understanding of your life insurance coverage?
    • Have you designated beneficiaries, and are these designations up to date?
    • Do you know how to access death benefits, and have you communicated this to your beneficiaries?
  1. Estate Planning:
    • Have you drafted a will or trust and is it up to date with your current wishes?
    • Do you have a power of attorney and healthcare proxy appointed?
  2. Debts and Liabilities:
    • Are there outstanding debts or loans, and do you have a plan for their resolution?
    • Have you considered how your partner or family will manage financial responsibilities in your absence?
  3. Safe Deposit Box:
    • Do you have a safe deposit box, and if so, where is it located?
    • Have you documented the contents and shared access information with a trusted individual?
  4. Digital Assets:
    • What digital assets do you own (e.g., websites, domains, social media accounts)?
    • Have you considered how these assets will be managed or transferred?
  5. Funeral and Memorial Wishes:
    • Have you communicated your preferences for funeral arrangements and memorial services?
    • Is there a designated fund or plan for covering funeral expenses?
  6. Important Contacts:
    • Do your loved ones know how to contact us, your attorney, accountant, or any other key professional?
    • Have you shared contact information for close friends or relatives who should be notified in case of an emergency?
  7. Health Insurance and Medical Information:
    • Do you have a record of your health insurance details and coverage?
    • Have you communicated your medical history and any specific health considerations to your family?

Taking the time to address these questions now can alleviate stress and uncertainty for your loved ones in the future. I recommend creating a comprehensive document that includes important information, such as account details, passwords, and contact information for key financial institutions. Additionally, reviewing and updating your beneficiaries regularly ensures that your wishes are accurately reflected.

In addition to all of these questions, one of the most important things my husband and I are doing before we leave next week is finalizing our Trust. We have had everything from Andrew Howell’s office drawn up and on my desk for over a month now and haven’t taken the steps to get it signed and notarized, but we are making sure we stop the procrastination and tackle the big stuff.  

I will be out of the office from January 31st to February 11th while we get our new home put together and adjusted to the cold weather, but all of your emails will be forwarded along and taken care of in my absence.

I look forward to reconnecting with all of you upon my return, wish me luck!