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Recently I asked the group on Facebook if they would rather leave a pile of cash behind for their kids or the knowledge on how you created that pile of cash?

Almost unanimously the answer was “I’d rather leave the knowledge.”

So, we followed up with “What knowledge would you want to leave your kids?”

Frankly, if I had to choose between the knowledge or the pile of cash, I would rather teach my kids how to fish rather than just give them the fish.

There is no substitute.

If we want our kids to be personally fulfilled, then there’s no substitute to going out, experiencing, grinding, hustling, learning, and gaining that experience.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be an either/or!

That’s one of the reasons why I created a private Facebook group titled Purpose Driven Prosperity Secrets.
Let me know if you want an invitation to join the exclusive group.

Right now, I want to share a couple of things with you because I didn’t always have this understanding that you can leave both money and knowledge.

I always thought that it was one or the other.

In fact, I used to say, “I don’t want to leave my kids any money. I want them to learn and to get the experience.”

Guess what? It takes more work today to have a financial plan in place that leaves not only the knowledge but the cash to go with it.

The clarity that we gain is that we get clear on what we stand for and what we don’t. The values that we live by and that we benefit from. We put them into an organized document called an estate plan where money becomes an enhancer.

We wake up on a daily basis with more empowerment than ever before to grind and to hustle, knowing what we’re going to leave in this estate plan.

Estate plans were most commonly used to pass on the cash.  But we can also have strings attached, where there’s the knowledge that goes along with the plan and cash.

I want you to know that leaving both the cash and the knowledge benefits you, not just your kids. Even better there are ways that we can leverage that today.