Imagine the last time you were pissed off about something.

Like really really mad.

And at that moment you get poked in the arm with a needle.

How do you react?

You scream and are mad as hell about it and or the person that poked you.


Now contrast that with the image of the last time you were happy as hell.

Elated with deep joy.

And at that moment you get poked with a needle in the arm the same way.

How do you react?

It’s no big deal.


Today I am reminded of this lesson:
Question my thoughts more than I do, to enjoy more of what is around me.


What good is all the money I make if I am not enjoying it?


Same needle different reaction.

Today I challenge you to start and or go deeper in your daily practice of prayer, meditation, writing daily what you celebrate and appreciate in your life.

It takes work.

After all, it’s your life.

My life.
I get to choose the response to any stimulus in my life.

Sometimes, yes, I choose raging mad and pissed off.

It can serve a purpose.

Other times, happy as hell and elation.

Standing for Conscious living.

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