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Today we are going to use the TruthConcepts Maximum Potential calculator to PROVE how you can take what would have been $298,412 and take it to just under $3Million!

But first a question:

What is more important?

  1. To take the little bit of cash that you are actually saving and subject that to high risk? (video 9:00)
    1. That’s what typical financial institutions are telling you to do!
    2. Does it work? Are you sure?
    3. Watch the video for PROOF (min 9:00 of the video)
  2. Measure it all with the AIS Triangle™ (video 12:55)
    1. Fix leaks with taxes.
    2. Pay some of your debt interest to yourself.
    3. Build while maintaining your lifestyle.
    4. Watch the video for PROOF (min 12:00 of the video)

The typical model is only useful in causing Fear, Doubt, and Worry!

No wonder Money is the #1 cause of divorce in our nation!

Are you sure that what you are doing with your money is the most efficient for YOU?

Have you measured it economically?

In this example, the difference between taking on high-risk (9%) returns or the low-risk alternatives is about $250,000 TOTAL over 30 years.

$250K for 30 years of worry, risk, fights, doubt, & fear!

No Thanks!

The Vault AIS™ path:

            $2,834,915 over the same 30 years.

Want to put your personal numbers into the TruthConcepts maximum potential calculator?

We give you the foundational framework of Vault AIS™ to use to evaluate all of your money decisions.

ALL of them!

But then we do a deep dive using calculators to measure the numbers!

No Guesswork!

What a relief, RIGHT?