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Assets affect Strategy.

Have you ever been desperate before?
Personally or professionally?
Desperate with your cash?
In ’05, ’06, ’07, I got bored in my career.
I wasn’t committed to growth and expansion.

This week’s video is all about how your #1 Asset affects you as your #1 Strategy.

I started looking for solutions that were outside of myself and my core business.

I started getting desperate!

When you look for a solution outside of your business, outside of yourself, you lose energy and drive.

As a result, you inevitably start gambling.

How do you protect against:

  • Complacency,
  • Boredom,
  • Desperateness,

 I found the answer below and practice it daily! 
Every morning after I get home from the gym, I write.

I write what I celebrate and what I appreciate.
They are my personal memoirs.

Some are to my wife.
Some to our kids.

Sometimes, I’m just writing for myself.

But I’m always writing, celebrating, and appreciating where I came from to where I am today.

I want to create a conducive environment

  • mentally,
  • emotionally,
  • physically,
  • spiritually,

and that environment starts in my mind.

Preparing myself today and on a daily basis gives me energy, focus, and drive.

Because of this, I’m not being desperate in my number one strategy with my cash.

Remember, your #1 Strategy is: Where you put your cash when you’re not investing it in yourself or into your business/career.

Do not seek to put cash somewhere risky, hoping that the solution is in the uncontrolled risk.

Rather, put that cash into your Vault where you are in control.

The characteristics of a vault are guarantees, protection of the cash, and liquidity of that cash to use it back into your life to expand even greater in your #1 Asset and your #1 Investment.

Gain that clarity, feel that peace of mind even more than ever before, create the environment every day, every morning encouraging the results that you want.

Watch the 7 min video. Then let me know your thoughts on FaceBook.