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Why Vault AIS?


Optic Financial was created as a marketing company back in 2011.

Now that we have clients in all 50 states,


The nationwide success of our book “What Would the Rockefellers Do?”,

And the ability to communicate the life and death message of money in our life, I have created a new branding identity called Vault AIS.


Yes, life and death.


This past weekend I was able to speak to a large group of business owners about The #1 Asset and money being life for them, not death. And that I want them to live.

You see, when I reached that low point back in October 2010 on the bathroom floor, money had become death for me.


That oh so risky “relinquishing” control of our money mindset.

High risk = High rate of return.


As you know from reading my book, I lost.


Let me remind you, the cost is too high and not worth the risk when we submit to this in our financial planning. 


It’s pure gambling.

Don’t gamble.


You are your #1 Asset.


Money is life and I want you to live.


To truly live in each and every area of your life.


And when we live this way, when our finances are secured in our own personal Vault, we are not only fulfilled at a higher level but we end up producing at a higher level in our #1 Investment. 


Your Career/Business is your #1 Investment. 


You know this.

It’s what’s brought the most amount of cash into your life and it’s what will continue to bring the most amount of cash into your life.


You have the most knowledge, the most passion, and expertise in this area than any other area.

So then, when you save cash outside your #1 Investment, keep it in your Vault.


Your Vault is your #1 Strategy.  Your cash flow banking policies.


It’s that simple.

And in the simplicity comes the clarity and ability to see.

See more in all areas of your life.


And that’s a life worth living.

  • Vault AIS.
  • Money is life.
  • And you are your #1 Asset.


In Prosperity,

Michael Isom