My first real job was when I was in 7th grade.

Makes me smile. CycleTown Yamaha. You guessed it. Motorcycles, and back then ATV’s. 3 wheelers. LOL Remember those?

I washed bikes. Swept floors. Emptied the trash.

And I got to ride all the bikes around the lot.

I soon moved on to working on them as well. Putting together new bikes. Then to the parts department. Organizing. Selling. Customer service. Communicating a message.

It was easy and fulfilling for me because I loved motorcycles.

I worked at CycleTown from 7th grade through my first year of college.

Yes, this is what got me hooked on Motorsports and what eventually led to my semi-pro UTV racing with CanAm. The creation of Mobbin Racing.

I could go on but will not for now about the racing. Loved it!

This job at CycleTown, trading my time for money, taught me so many valuable life lessons.

Lessons I believe must be learned through experience and doing.

Actually earning a dollar and spending that dollar. The true value of time and money.

It really is a beautiful thing.


  • Money is a receipt.
  • Money is a tool.
  • A medium of exchange.

I value what you have to offer more than the dollar in my pocket therefore I am willing to exchange with you.

You value the dollar more than the value you have created hence you are willing to exchange.

Free exchange. As long as there is no deception nor coercion this is a free exchange.

Dollars follow value.
Exchange creates wealth.

In business it’s much more productive to focus on the creation of value and the exchange of it in the marketplace. Having faith that dollars follow value.

How do we know if what we have created is of value to someone else?
They are willing to exchange a dollar with us.

The dollar is the receipt that we receive telling us that they value what we have created and exchanged with them. 

  • Do you feel worthy of the dollars?


  • Have you created value with integrity?


  • Is it a free exchange?

Francisco’s famous money speech – I consider a must read. Atlas Shrugged from Ayn Rand.

Read this.

Study this.

Share this with others you care about.

I believe money is an enhancer of who we are.

It really is the root of all good. 

  • Are you clear about who you are?


  • Is money a good thing or a bad thing in your life?


  • What is your focus?


  • Money or the creation of value? And the exchange of it with others?

That’s what I love about the country we live in. Capitalism.

Free exchange.

Getting paid what we are worth.

When you see someone who has a lot of money do you think, he got lucky, spoiled, must be nice, greedy, must be illegal. lol

No seriously, do you or have you had those thoughts?

Or do you think, what have they done to create so much value for others? I’m so happy for them. Love it! Good for them. I wonder what I could learn from them.

Again, I ask, what is your focus daily?

Is it to truly seek out and find ways to create more value in the marketplace?

I’ll tell you this from experience. And test it for yourself to find out. I’m much happier and fulfilled when I am learning new things, new ways of creating and delivering value in the marketplace.

When I am challenging myself.
I am so much more fulfilled.
And… those around me benefit so much more also. They are happier.
It really is the most beautiful win-win I know of.

It’s time to ask yourself, where am I with this whole money talk anyway?

It’s either working or it’s not working.

Happy to help.

Francisco’s famous money speech