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With all the uncertainty in the market today. people are wanting something other than all that market volatility.

It’s important to recognize that having some uncertainty in our lives is healthy.

Healthy? Yes, healthy. You see each and everyone of us have four basic human needs.

Needs in order to be fulfilled as a human in this life.

Super interesting to know isn’t it?

Basic human need #1: Certainty. Things in our life that we can count on.

Basic human need #2: Uncertainty. Variety. Risk.

Basic human need #3: Significance.

Basic human need #4: Love.

We all crave these. In varying degrees for sure. And at different times in our life.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be aware of this?
Conscious of this in our life?

For years I was not conscious of this. Did all this play out? Will it continue to play out in my life and in yours? Yes.

Not sure? Stop. Look back over your life and consider how each one of these needs played out in your life. Look at the evidence. Look at the results.

When I was not conscious of these or aware of them, I took risk in areas I had no control. No expertise no certainty, no purpose, or passion. I was simply gambling. And I eventually lost. This loss hurt. Like really hurt.

Today? I am much more aware than I was 10 years ago. This awareness was a result of experience. Commitment. Focus and determination to extract the lessons. Apply them and share them with as many people as I could.

You see, I got bored. Bored in my life and I started to look for “the solution” outside of me. Outside of my career, my core business. I was unaware of these basic needs in life and more than that: What to do about it.

What to do about it?

To start you need to assess where you are.
Get clear on all areas of your life financially on exactly where you are.
Separate the facts from the feelings.
Write it down.
Ask yourself:

  • Is this working?
  • Do I have knowledge and expertise in this area?
  • Purpose or passion?
  • Am I simply gambling?
  • How is this effecting other areas of my life? Is it?
  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want that?
  • What’s the first step I could take to move me towards that?
  • Do I see myself as the #1 Asset?

The above questions will help you the most in this area. Awareness is key.

Are you accountable?
No victims here.
None whatsoever.
It does no good to be a victim in our lives.

Adopt this mindset: I am the problem and good news, I am also the solution.

Where am I taking risk?
Remember it’s important to take risk. Having variety. Uncertainty.


That’s in your career.
That’s in your business.
In you.
People are assets things are not.
You are the #1 Asset.

Not in an area where you relinquish control.
Not in an area where you have no expertise or knowledge.
That’s called gambling.

Don’t gamble. It could hurt really bad. I know. I almost died over it.

Cash that you relinquish control of?
Have no knowledge or expertise in?
Keep that cash guaranteed, protected and liquid.

Mainly to protect your mindset to continue to produce at the highest levels in your area of expertise.

Test this. Know versus hope.
Now, more than ever, is the time to live a principled life when it comes to your finances.

There are also two higher spiritual needs that Tony Robbins talks about.
Once we have secured the four basic needs in our life we crave for more.

The more are the two higher spiritual needs:

  1. Growth
  2. Contribution

You and I continuing to grow in every area of our lives;
Contributing to other peoples lives.

The above is the most beautiful way that I know to live.

Here’s to a beautiful, fulfilling life.

Want some additional perspective in this area? A few core reminders?
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