Less than two weeks ago Wendy and I with our son drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night in the Trump hotel.

The Trump hotel in Vegas does not have a casino in it.

We like that. #nogambling

Our daughter and her finance Corbin, along with our grandson Weston, drove down and stayed the night there also.

The next morning, I went downstairs and picked up breakfast for us all.

We played with our grandson Weston, who is now a year and a half, while a makeup and hair artist worked on our daughter, Kennedy.

We then all packed the cars up and headed 45 miles southeast of Vegas to a place called Eldorado Canyon. A Ghost town. There we met up with Corbin’s family and the wedding coordinator.

Kennedy and Corbin were married in this amazing setting; an old, partially renovated chapel.
It was beautiful and perfect.

Walking Kennedy, our daughter, down the aisle was surreal for me. I was emotional handing her off to Corbin.

The ceremony was magical. The whole day was. They cut a cake. Opened a bottle of Champagne together, had a toast, and took lots of amazing, memorable pictures to remember the day.

Our hearts are full. We are so happy for them as we head into this holiday season. So much to be grateful for. Appreciative of. Celebrating the lives of this young couple and family.

I really like Corbin, my now son in law, he is a good man. Driven. Loving. Kind. Patient. And already proven to be a good dad and trusted companion to our daughter Kennedy.

It’s a crazy, healthy, emotional feeling having your only daughter get married. They are doing great and will continue to do so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of you.

Lacey and I hope that all of you are feeling secure in the knowing that you are protected. That the cash you are saving in your Vaults are guaranteed, protected and liquid. Aka, your whole life policies.

And that you’re leveraging those facts to not only enjoy this holiday season but also leverage those facts to create even more value in the marketplace to then exchange with others.

My wife Wendy and I spent 4 total days, 8-10 hours each day, reviewing 2023 this last week and using that review of what worked and what did not work for us this year to then inspire us to think about what we would want for 2024 in 4 core main areas of our life. We did this in Dana Point, CA with Garrett White and many others at Wake Up Warrior.

2023 was a big year of personal family growth and we look forward to 2024 to leverage and utilize all that is. The learning and the lessons.

#nogambling. We wouldn’t gamble with our health. We wouldn’t gamble with our family.

What a great reminder not to gamble with our money.

Invest, yes. Just no gambling.

Gambling is when we relinquish control of our cash and take risk on it in an area where we do not have knowledge, expertise, experience, purpose, or passion.

Risk is a need we will fulfill in our life.

This holiday season connect with family, yes, but also reflect on all areas of your life. Personally and professionally.

Cash that you invest, make sure you have control, knowledge, expertise, experience, purpose and passion in that area. This is investing that lasts.

Gambling tears us down. Breaks up families. Destroys businesses. Lowers our sense of self-worth. It’s a sign of desperation. Lack of self-control. Low self-worth.

Enjoy the holiday season knowing, not hoping, that what you are doing with your money is that of healthy investing not gambling.

Take the time to review the year.
Get clear on the lessons learned.
The application of those lessons.
Dream big for 2024.
Then set targets to get you what you want moving forward in all areas of your life. Personally and professionally.