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“My Life Book revealed”

Without this?

  • I’m empty.
  • I feel alone.
  • Confused.
  • Disempowered.

February 2014 my wife Wendy and I traveled to Chicago to attend a workshop called Life Book.

This was no ordinary workshop.

Wendy and I embarked on a journey to discover our current beliefs in 12 key areas of our life.

12 key areas.

Area #1 My Health and Fitness.

I got clear on my premise in this area.

My beliefs around my personal health and fitness are:
My body was designed to be healthy. Self-healing. It is meant to be well.

-I am in control of my physical destiny.

-Optimal health, wellness, and energy are up to me on a daily basis in the actions I take.

-Health and fitness personally affect every other area of my life in a positive way.

-I experience a greater depth to what is in my life when I choose a healthy body.

“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied”

After identifying my premise, I then created a vision in this area.

  • I am a lean, energetic, flexible, full of vitality man experiencing life with great depth.
  • I choose to be a strong muscular athlete for the rest of my life.
  • I live daily with energy, intention, and focus.
  • I am committed to continual growth and education in this area. I am a lifelong learner.
  • I experience life at greater depths as a result of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Okay, way cool, I’ve got my premise and my vision down.

Why all of this?

My purpose:

  • To live a life experiencing greater depth daily, fulfilled in every way.
  • To live life at the highest potential influencing others for good. I am the standard and example. This fulfills me and creates the most for those around me.
  • My body is a tool to produce, to feel, and experience all that is.
  • To express myself in a greater way than ever before. To exercise self-control, manifest spirituality, experience nature, experiences with my wife Wendy, our kids, and all I come in contact with.
  • To create greater love, compassion, and appreciation. Celebrating all that is.
  • Expansion in every area of my life.
“The first and best victory is to conquer self” -Plato

This feels so good to me. This empowers me. Fuels me.
Without this?

I’m empty.
I feel alone.

Now what?
How do I do this?
Keep this going?
Manifest this?

Do the work.


  1. Daily sweat at a high level each morning. This includes weights, cardio, biking, and walks with Wendy up and down the hills in our neighborhood.
  2. Regular chiropractic care.
  3. Daily supplements.
  4. Meal plan daily.
  5. Yearly exam and blood work.
  6. 7 hours of sleep at night.
  7. Daily meditation.

Premise, Vision, Purpose, Strategy.

This is universal.

Are you clear about this in your life?

Every area of your life?

How about your money life?

Our target with each of you is to have this clarity.

This empowerment.

It’s an evolution, for sure.

We start, we learn lessons, we apply those lessons, and course correct along the way.

Have you started?

Are you empowered and clear?

This is why I created Vault AIS.

Gain the clarity and apply that in your life today.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom