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Once upon a time, there was a young man searching for the truth to all things Financial. 

This 1st started at the age of 22 selling cell phones while going to college.

Little did he know he would be making over $20,000 dollars a month doing this.

And at such a young age too.


That experience leads him to save, invest, and lots of spending in his life.

It was that experience, the experience of making that kind of money that lead him to want to be in the financial services industry as a planner.

Yes, a planner.

what kind of planner?

  • Wall Street planner?
  • Banking planner?
  • Life Insurance planner?

He looked at them all.

Then it happened.

He found his calling.

Or did he?


He started into the industry learning all he could.

So many conflicting agendas being taught.

Buy term invest the difference.

Wall Street.

High risk = High rate of return.

Low risk = Low rate of return.

This went on from 2000 to 2007.


Here is a pic of that man in 2007.
Here is a pic of that man in 2007.

Total fear based lifestyle going on in his planning and his personal life. 


Funny how these two blend together.


This fear based lifestyle was just as prolific then as it is today.

Fear based marketing.

We know better than you do; is what they teach.

Turn all your money over to us.

We will be a better steward than you will be. 


As if they had the crystal ball? 

They didn’t then and still don’t today.

It was all a massive gamble. “Wall Street.”

They say the market goes up the market goes down.


How would you like to be the retiree with your entire life savings at risk in 2008?

Well, I wasn’t the retiree but I was one of those men.

I gambled and I lost.

  • Over $4m gone.
  • My families life savings, gone.
  • Kids college education, gone.


What had I done?

I was doing exactly what the mainstream media continue to tell people to do today. 


Take high risk in hopes for a high rate of return.


2008-2010 was a blur to me.

I drifted in a massive way as a result of that devastating loss.

I was a victim in my mind in many ways.

It wasn’t until the fall of 2011 that a shift occurred in my life.

A shift that would birth what is now being called:




You see,

That young man was me. 

Yes me. Making that much money at such a young age.
Those years selling cell phones making over $250k a year in my early 20’s exposed me to all sorts of things financial.


Yes, that’s a technical term. All sorts of things financial. Lol


I listened to the media.
I made lots of money investing in WallStreet only to lose it.
I bought term and invested the difference.
Heck, I was even lured into a VUL.
Variable Universal Life policy.
Those didn’t make it very long.


So many things have come and gone over the years.


And only one product, only one strategy has stood the test of time.


Turn all your money over to us they tell everyone.


Let it accumulate and compound.


The miracle of compound interest.


Don’t touch it you will break the compound interest growth curve.


The market goes up the market goes down.


You’re in it for the long haul.


Wouldn’t it be nice to retire off of such a large sum of money that you could live interest only from it?


All of this above is what they teach us to do and yet what they do with our money is something totally different.


They teach us to park it, let it accumulate and not touch it.

Yet they turn a dollar over an average of 6 times a year.

Think about it, we put our money with a financial institution. They take it and lend it out. Making a spread on that money.
They get it back and do it again.


And again.


And again.


Let me be crystal clear here. If it’s good for them why is it not good for us?


Stay tuned.
A little hint, it is good for us too.

Question: What would it take for you to start thinking like a bank?

Why would you want too?
How would this benefit you?
Is it even possible with all you have going on?

And what about VaultAIS?

In Prosperity,
Michael Isom