Lacey, Jim, and I just went to a psychiatrist to get
“marriage counseling” for our office.

I went in there to increase my #1 Asset and wanting to make our office run more smoothly.

I had no idea that by the time we left I’d tip the iceberg of knowledge and discover a consistent way to experience joy with finances.

100% of the time! 

The best part is there are only

Two Rules for a Healthy Financial Relationship.

First, I’m going to prove that how you are mentally has everything to do with money!

Financially Passive:

A financially passive person, someone who gives 100% effort, and allows returns to be “what they are”, tends to put money somewhere they feel is safe, i.e. a savings account, under the mattress, or in a shoebox.

The key is feeling it’s safe rather than knowing it’s safe…

If they have any money “working” it will be because of blind trust of institutionalized financial propaganda. Think 401K or other “qualifies plans” …

They have no interest in learning about money and finance… It will never be their fault because they “didn’t know any better”.

The result is financial anxiety, resentment, blame… not joy! 

Financially Aggressive:

On the other hand, we have a financially aggressive person.

This person takes risks financially.  They believe that the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.

For them, it’s about some “thing” returning big without 100% effort on their end.

The “big win” has nothing to do with their business or career… Rather they count on an outside variable to make them rich.

They gamble (or speculate) with their money freely, allowing others (bankers, brokers, & officers) to control their finances.

Ironically, they search for the answers outside of themselves even though they don’t really trust anyone with their finances.

Any loss will be the “market’s fault” and they are happy to tell you about it…

Even if they “win” a gamble, this only leads to more feelings of fear, resentment, blame, anxiety… not joy! 


There is a third group of financial thinkers that account for less than 25% of the population. 

Financially Assertive:

They experience immense joy when it comes to finance and money.

They learn, apply experience, and they expect situations to respond to natural laws.

The only risk they take is in areas where they have control.
(Inside their own business or career!)

When they relinquish control of cash, they take very little risk by putting it where there are guarantees and protections in place.

They give 100% effort and require 100% effort from everything they leverage.

The result is confidence, satisfaction, expansion, and meaning.
They find Joy.

Here is how it works.

  1. You show up giving 100% effort; leveraging your knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  2. You require everyone you work with to also give 100% effort. Your employees or employer, your financial products, your advisors…

You don’t ask them, you don’t hint to them, you require it.

 100% / 100% or No Deal!

 It makes a huge economic difference and brings confidence, satisfaction, expansion, and meaning.

It leads you to JOY!

Imagine if all of your financial products showed up 100%
The only way is with a guaranteed product.

We already know that a hidden shoebox of cash can’t show up 100%

Aggressive-Speculation can never be 100% either.
That’s why it’s called speculation.

Your job is to be your best!
And you commit to only work with those who also show up doing their best!

  • In finance…
  • In relationships…
  • In business…

This is life-changing!