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Now, more than ever, is the time.
Time for what you ask?

This past week Wendy and I traveled back east to sit.
Haha, yep to sit. Sit in silence.

Sit in silence and quiet our minds.
In this sitting we were able to create space.
Space to then discover. Create. Get clear.
Discover and create from our hearts. From our soul.

We asked
    1.    What do I want?
    2.    Why do I want that?
    3.    What are my current beliefs about that?
    4.    What would it take to get that?
    5.    How can I assist others?

We had a conversation with our higher self asking ourselves powerful questions. We love to answer powerful questions.

Okay here is a little more context. At my ripe age of 50. Haha, I know, I know, 50 is not that old. And yes I’m sticking with that story. 50 is not that old. I feel great. I’m healthy and I take care of myself.

I mention my age because I thought about that last week. I’ve had a lot of incredible life experiences in my life.
Ups and downs.
Incredible life experiences to draw on and think about.

Extract the lessons.
Apply them and share them with others I care about.

It’s apparent to me today more than ever that there is in fact an agenda that the government has for us.
An agenda that big financial institutions have for us. For you. For me.
And yes an agenda that big pharma also has for us all.

So much of this today is being carried out by the media. “The noise of the media.”
Yes, I want you to be informed, but I also want you to turn your brains on.

Is there some good in all of this? Yes, there is. But there is also some bad.
Think before you act.

Our job? Our responsibility?
To quiet the noise around us and ask ourselves, our higher selves:

  • What is best for me?
  • What is best for my family and those I care the most about?
  • What is best for the whole?
  • All of us?


Please hear the true meaning of this today. Is there good in their agenda? Yes for sure. But there is also a shit ton of bad.

I am encouraging you strongly to be educated. To avoid the bad. Who determines this? You do.
Clarity of what you stand for and what you do not: your agenda. Create your agenda.

No one is coming to save us.
Religion aside. Faith without work is dead. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves. To know. Taking the time to go slow to go fast. 

When I say our higher self what I mean is who we really are. Without pride or ego. Our true self. Without the agenda of those around us. Us getting clear on our own agenda.

You and I getting clear on what we want.

What we want for our family. Our loved ones around us.
Living our lives based on principle.
Principles govern.

Now more then ever the “noise” of the world is rampant. It’s loud. Louder then ever.

Do you now see, more than ever, why I created The AIS Triangle™?
You are the #1 Asset. Increase your personal stock value. Your human life value. Your mental capital. Human life value is the source and creator of all property value.

Your business/career is your #1 Investment. You Control it. You have the most Knowledge, Expertise, Purpose. And Passion in this area. It has and will put the most amount of cash in your pocket.

The #1 Strategy of what to do with our cash that we relinquish control of? Keep it guaranteed, protected and liquid.
Protecting one of your greatest human life value assets. Your courage and your confidence. Your ability to quiet your mind to think. To critically think. The ability to increase your human life value.

The AIS Triangle™ assists you in creating your own clarity.
Your own principle based agenda.
A filter to run things through to know vs hope. 

There is an abundance of opportunity.
There is.
Abundance is key.
The AIS Triangle at the core of our lives, principled based approach allows for this abundance in our lives. Your life.Need a reminder? Refresher?
Are you on track?
Are you empowered by your strategies?