Optic Financial has re-branded as Vault AIS

as part of a larger re-branding effort

by CEO and creator Michael Isom.


As part of Vault’s re-branding, wealth strategists in the firm are focusing on teaching clients about the AIS triangle, a financial principle developed by Isom following the financial recession from 2007 to 2010.


“I realized that what I had been taught by the leading financial institutions was wrong; they weren’t practicing what they taught,” Isom said. “I lost over $4 million of my family’s savings, all because I had bought into the false principle that high risk equals high return. It put me into a spiral, and I became a victim. I was able to pull myself out, and I realized my purpose had to be to pull others out of similar situations.”


The AIS triangle stands for three equally valued principles, all deemed No. 1 priorities, which Vault wealth strategists teach their clients:


#1 Asset: Vault considers an individual's talents, education and other personal attributes as their assets, all combined to form the Human Life Value (HLV), the creator of all Property Value (PV).


#1 Investment: Vault considers an individual's career to be their most important investment, as it is the single most fulfilling wealth generator in their portfolio.


#1 Strategy: Vault strategy consists of “leveraging the economic value of certainty in every area of your life” and incorporating that into your investment.

By identifying each principle, Isom and his wealth strategists believe it is possible to receive high returns without having to relinquish control of your finances.


For more information about Vault AIS, visit https://www.vaultais.com. To schedule an appointment with a wealth strategist,

contact Lacey Martin at info@vaultais.com, or call 435-656-3882.


About Vault AIS


Michael Isom is the principal/owner of Vault AIS, specializing in wealth and protection strategies, assisting clients in increasing their wealth and benefits, while lowering their risk. Isom is also an entrepreneur, educator, speaker, wealth strategist, consultant and owner of Vault AIS. He is the author of “What Would the Rockefellers Do?” published in 2016. He specializes in macroeconomics and the utilization of the #1 Asset, the #1 Investment, and the #1 Strategy in the market today.