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Have you ever been in a rush to find something in your house that you are looking for?

Let me give you an example.


The other day my wife Wendy and I were in the car backing out of the drive way to head to dinner. Our weekly date night. Love connecting with her on these nights.  As we were backing out of the garage she said, stop. I stopped the car. She asked, “Will you please go back in and grab my beige purse in the closet.” I said “yes of course.” Looking at my watch calculating the time we had to make our reservation. Ha, yes I like being on time. I pulled back in the garage and ran in to the house, down the hall and into the bedroom closet. I looked all around and could not see it. Crap I thought, looking at my watch feeling rushed. I looked again and could not see it.  I ran back outside asking Wendy exactly where it was. I then ran back in and looked again. No Purse! What the heck I thought. Then it hit me. I stopped, took a deep breath, slowed down and looked again, there it was. Right in front of me the whole time.

Life! Yes it happens to all of us.

We get so busy, we go so fast, we sometimes just need to slow down a little to see more of what’s around us.

Especially in the area of money and finance.

When it comes to money and finance the solutions are right in front of us. We just can’t see them.

There are many reasons why we can’t see the solutions around our money and finance.

The biggest reason is no surprise, FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS HAVE AN AGENDA.

*Financial institutions have 4 rules they operate by.

  1. They want our money
  2. They want our money on a regular basis
  3. They want to hold onto our money for as long as possible
  4. They want to pay our money back to us as slow as possible

Every product and service offered by a financial institution meets those 4 rules.

They have hired a sales force to sell those products and services. They are called financial planners, CFP’s, bankers, brokers, money managers, stock brokers, life insurance agents etc.
Yes we receive a benefit or else we wouldn’t exchange with them.

But think for a moment, what they do with our money is something different than what they have us do with our money. HMMMMMMM

They teach us to accumulate our money and not touch it.
Yet what they do is “bank” with our money. They bank with our money.

So if it’s more efficient for them to bank with our money than why isn’t it best for us to do the same?

Well it is.

And that is why you are working with us here at Optic Financial.

“Seeing the Unseen”

To save your money in an area, a cash flow banking policy, utilizing your money for future money decisions that you will be making anyway. Paying yourself versus the financial institutions.

Michael Isom
If you know someone who would appreciate the level of service I provide, please call our office with their name and business number. I will be happy to follow up and take care of them.