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I’m tired of hearing:
  • Growth is painful,
  • Change is painful,
  • You have to feel pain in order to get stronger,
  • Out of the pain comes the glory…

Say’s who?

Phrases made up of laziness and victimhood.

Look, I know growth can come by extracting the life lessons from difficult times.
I’m not discounting that at all.

You CAN find growth from pain…

But pain is NOT a synonym for growth.

Maybe you’ve already discovered this.
Growth, change, expansion… more often than not, feels good!

Pain comes from stagnation and damning obstacles, not growth and expansion.

Think about how good you feel when you figure it out and move forward.

This is the fine art of #1 Asset. 

Doing what it takes daily to learn, grow, and expand…

Last week you received the Production Self-Assessment.

Many of you jumped at the opportunity to take it.

Here are some of the comments we received back:

“… Thanks so much for this as it helps me identify areas in which I can improve.” -James

“this was very interesting and I know there are certain level of people, including relatives that I can use this for going forward ( I wish business owners will take this type of assessment periodically). …remind myself that I can do better personally.  Again, thank you for taking the time in putting this together and hope that your clients will see the value in it.  It was a good reminder for me especially during my leadership trainings.” -Jose

“…so much better to be positive and up-lifting. So much better to be thankful…we live in a very unthankful world…a world of rights rather than thanks and gratitude. My business is a pleasure. I love my work. I love helping people.” -Mike

So, what drives us to continue to seek growth?

The happiness and joy that comes from never-ending expansion.

In Prosperity 
Michael G Isom