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Our Philosophy

How We Architect Your Wealth with the AIS Triangle

We are far more than product pushers. We are comprehensive wealth architects for sophisticated, no-bullshit entrepreneurs and professionals.

We help you make the right decisions for you and architect your wealth with our core philosophy.

This is comprised of the three points of the AIS triangle: Asset, Investment, Strategy.

Your #1 ASSET is You

Not your business or any investment. YOU. That is the first asset we focus on both protecting and growing.

Your Human Life Value is the combination of your mindset, knowledge, character, values, and skills applied productively to create value for others.

Human Life Value is the source and creator of all material wealth. It’s a simple formula: To build more wealth, first focus on increasing your Human Life Value by investing in yourself.

Your #1 INVESTMENT is Your Business

Up until this point, what has been the main source of our cash flow and wealth? Your business.

The reality is that is where it will continue to come from moving forward.

It’s the area where you maintain control versus giving it up. It’s where you have the most knowledge, expertise, and passion. It’s also where you have the most opportunity. If you take any risk, take it here and nowhere else.

Your number one investment is your business/career. Not a stock or piece of real estate. Before looking for outside investments, we first help you optimize your business cash flow and wealth.

Your #1 STRATEGY is Guaranteed, Protected, and Liquid

“High risk equals high rewards” is an illogical philosophy for the poor and middle-class. The wealthy do not gamble or speculate.

For the wealthy, the ideal financial strategy is to store your extra cash in places that are guaranteed, protected, and liquid.

Having guarantees on your money protects your mindset and your ability to continue to produce at the highest level.

Our core strategy is to do everything we can to minimize risk and give you safety and control. This means using products that are guaranteed, protected, and liquid.

First and foremost, this is whole life insurance that is properly structured and optimally funded.

This is like locking your money in a vault. You still have access to it to make other investments. But the certainty and control it gives you is the foundation of your wealth.

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