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One tear has the potential to forever change the life path of your entire family.

This is the most powerful thing I have ever shared on camera or on stage!
The emotions are high…

I am asking you to STOP what you are doing for the next 12 min.
And watch this short story.

I just had a conversation with a dear family friend.

She is a cancer survivor, single mom, with 4 young children at home.

She went in for an exam at the hospital and fell into a deep coma.

Her children were notified after school let out, but they were too young to travel to the hospital and spent the night alone in their home, not knowing if their mother was alive.

Please STOP what you are doing for the next 12 min. and watch this incredible story.
For your sake.
For your kid’s sake!

This story has a happy ending, but only barely.

Download the Free workbook: The Protection Component from Vault AIS™

What is a human life worth?

What is your human life worth?

Can we really put a value on the worth of human life?

Last week we left a link for you to fill out and to assess where you are with your protection in your life.

Protection leads to production.

Here is the link to the Free “Protection Component PDF” from last week.
If you didn’t get it, do it now.

Free workbook: The Protection Component from Vault AIS™

Where are you in your life?

Where do you want to be?

Use that checklist, get your affairs in order.

The odds are you’re going to live a long life if you’re healthy today and you live a preventive maintenance life.

The insurance companies bet on that.
So, If you have your vault in place and your insurance is in place, the odds are you will live a long life.

We plan for that, but we also plan if there’s an accident or if something were to happen that could put you into a coma.

Here is a link to the Vault AIS™ Assessment.

These are the most powerful 10 questions you will ever ask yourself about Money and Finance.

Whether you work with us or not, these two documents will change your perception of money and finance.

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