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Today more than ever I see people violating this.

Violating Principle.

And then they wonder WHY?

Why am I not getting ahead with my money?
Why am I not making the amount of money “I ought to be making”?
Why am I not happier than I am in my money life?
Why am I always so frustrated, worried, and living in fear with my money?
Why are others prospering and I am not?
What can I do about it?
Who do I trust? One financial guy says one thing and another says something completely different.

So what do people end up doing? Nothing.
Nothing at all.

On 21st of March, 2022 I was sitting on a SkyWest airlines, Delta connection flight from Saint George, UT to SLC, UT.

I was headed up for a couple of meetings then back home the same night to sleep in my own bed next to Wendy Lu. Today’s email are the thoughts I was having on that short flight up.

Okay back to Principles Govern.

Are you:

Getting clear on the principles surrounding wealth. Money. Our lives in general when it comes to wealth creation. Actually living wealthy: in abundance with our money.
After this clarity, to then align with principles in thought, word and action.

How do I know? Because I have tested it.
I invite you to also.

By now most all of you know my personal money story.

I violated principle. I gambled and I lost.

Don’t gamble. There is more at risk than just your money.

What does money represent?

Money is a representation of value created and exchanged.

It’s in the exchange that creates the wealth. Money is simply, yet profoundly a receipt.

A receipt for the value we created and exchanged with another.

Free exchange. One where there is no deception, no coercion.

Create and exchange.
Create and exchange.
Create and exchange.

How do we know if something is of value to someone else? They tell us.

Yep, they tell us by exchanging a dollar with us.

What they are telling us is that they value what we have created and are willing to exchange with them more than the dollar (the receipt) they have.

And what we are telling them is that we value the dollar more than what we have created and are willing to exchange.

Isn’t it beautiful?

Again, Free Exchange.

Are you clear about this?

What then is the focus?

Value creation.

Not just what I think is valuable but what others think is valuable.

This is how we know.
This is how we know if what we have created is of value. We exchange with them.
The market will tell us what it’s worth.

Again, Free Exchange.

It really is limitless.

We now have countless examples if this in and around us.
We live in a day and age when we can learn just about anything we want at the click of a finger.

What do you want?
Why do you want it?

Two of the most powerful questions you can get clear on.

People are assets things are not.

Increase your personal stock value.
Your HLV. Human Life Value.

HLV is the source and creator of all PV.
Property value.

It’s a simple formula. First, increase your HLV, your mental capital, to then create more property value.

Your highest and most dependable rate of return has been and will always be on you and what what you have knowledge and expertise in. What you control versus what you do not control.

For most it’s their career. It’s the business they own and operate. It’s what they have the most knowledge and expertise in. The most purpose and passion in.

Commit to be a life long learner. It will fulfill you to do so and it will create the most for those around you. Yes, you are worthy of this in your life. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Get clear. Live by principles. You deserve to.

Live by principles now more than ever.
No one is coming to save you.
With your money life that is. 😉
Faith without work is dead.

When you relinquish control of your cash keep it
1. Guaranteed.
2. Protected.
3. Liquid.

This protects our courage and our confidence to live by principles in our life.

Principles do govern.

Gain this clarity and eliminate fear doubt and worry when it comes to money in your life today.

Bet on YOU all day long.