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Our Process

Our process for working with clients is straightforward:

Step 1: Discovery

Our first step is to take as much time as we need for us to fully understand your situation and feel confident making any recommendations.

Our goal is not to push you any particular way. Rather, it is to discover where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.

What’s your vision of your ideal life? Your family? Your legacy?

Once we understand that, then we know what strategies and tools will work best for you.

Step 2: Education

Our next step is to educate you on the most important things you need to build a generational legacy.

This includes education on all things financial, including savings, loans, liabilities, investments, protection, estate planning, and legacy planning.

This includes far more than just product education. It includes understanding the most important principles and concepts underlying the strategies and products we use.

These include things like how to transfer risk versus retaining it, cultivating an abundance mindset, human life value, and more.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll put together a customized, holistic plan that includes all aspects of growing, protecting, and passing on wealth.

We will present you with your options and give you recommendations, whether that be term life, whole life, annuities, or disability insurance.

This is also a time for us to ask and answer more in-depth questions that may arise.

Step 3: Process Applications and Underwriting

Once we’ve finalized your plan and you’re ready to move, then we go through the insurance application process.

This includes gathering information, an underwriting interview, and, if applicable, a medical exam and or/blood test.

Step 4: Approval and Implementation

When the insurance company approves your application, they give you an approval rating, which determines your cost of coverage.

We then tailor your policy based on the approval rating. We evaluate the policy and meet with you to ensure it still meets your goals before moving forward.

Step 5: Follow Up

Once your plan and policies are in place, we’ll meet for an annual review. We’re also available for emails, phone calls, or live Zoom meetings to answer any and all questions for you.

We also provide ongoing education to empower you to build your wealth legacy.

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