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I can always produce my way out of it.
Have you ever said this or felt this way?

I’m reminded this morning of the principle,
Easy Hard, Hard Easy.

For years of my life, I would say, I can always produce my way out of it.

Have you ever said this or felt this way?

In the last few months, I engaged in a client coaching mentorship with Tim Francis.

I hired Tim to teach me how to transition from small businessman to big business CEO.

Tim has challenged many of my beliefs about how and what I do or don’t do in running our company.

  1. My wife Wendy and I are the shareholders of Vault AIS.
  2. I am the CEO
  3. I also drive the sales and strategic planning with clients.

I didn’t always utilize the P&L (Profit and Loss) to make strategic marketing decisions.

But now that we are growing and adding other planners to our company, this is a must.

It’s hard work, learning the details of P&L’s and Balance sheets.

And the list does not stop there.

Projections of cash flow.

On and on.

Here is what I’m finding.

Once I made the decision,
(The Commitment to take this on and know, not just hope.)

I am now able to not only continue producing at a very high level but am also able to do so with knowledge that I did not have before.

A knowing of,
“Wow did we really spend that much to complete that case?”

“Is there really that much cash going out to cover this area of the business?”

Then to take that information and use it all to empower more certainty than before.

Certainty to create more for you, our client.

A deeper more impactful experience.

Yes, it’s been hard re-learning, re-wiring my brain to think this way.

But guess what? It’s now a long-term strategy vs a short-term play.

It’s hard at first and then it creates a certainty to propel me and our company to higher levels than ever before.

The question I have for you.

Where in your life are you taking the easy route?
How is that working for you?

Is it?

How would a small tweak here or there, challenging yourself to expandgrow, and create just a little more, have massive results in and around you?
It’s a challenge at first then it pays
massive dividends.

Know your numbers.

Utilize your P&L’s to drive your actions of creation.

Keep a current balance sheet.


This is the hard easy.

In Prosperity,
Michael G Isom
CEO of Vault AIS
Creator of The AIS Triangle

Thank you for trusting me with this most important part of your life.
We appreciate and celebrate your part in this financial movement.