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I do this once a year, and it’s emotional every time.

I don’t care how tough you think you are.
This will make you cry!

Securing your legacy with the AIS Triangle™ is a way to grow your money at up to 5% per year.
Your gains can be tax-free.
The money will grow for the rest of your life.
And there’s no risk.

Not crying yet?  Neither is anyone else.

That’s the same sales pitchy jargon you’d expect to read or hear.
It’s true, but completely minor compared to why you have, or should have, a Vault.

The pure reason you have a Vault is that you want one!

And you want one because, for you, there are ONLY two places where you choose to put money.
You either invest it in yourself and/or your business.
Or you put it in the safest place on earth, your Vault, where it is Guaranteed, Liquid, and Protected.

Either way, you are in control and Wall Street has no effect on your reality.

Want proof?
Here is the ONE thing to do that makes you NEVER question your #1 Asset again.
I do this once a year, and it’s emotional every time.

Are you ready?


Here is the assignment:

Write your own obituary.

Yes, you read that right.

Write the obituary as you want to be remembered, not as you are now.

Write about the major impact you had on others and the world, as well as all the good things about you.

Keep writing!

This may be uncomfortable at first.

You can allow it to expand in your mind to all that you have accomplished and all that you have overcome.

What were your biggest sources of Joy?
What emotional and physical mountains did you climb to get to today?

Now fold that paper up, put it in an envelope, and tuck it in your sock drawer for you to review next year.

What single thing has always been there in each story?


We all have victories, battles, and stories.
And we are always the singular Hero of our own tales.

Yes, we are influenced by mentors, spouses, God.

But in the end, you are your #1 Asset and YOU are the only one with the freedom to choose your experience.

Focusing on your legacy helps you get clear on why you are doing everything you do to expand and protect.
Without YOU,
there would be no legacy.
You are the most important Asset!
Your Business is your #1 Investment.
And you have it all secured in the #1 Strategy, your Vault AIS™, vault.