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Your #1 Strategy is keeping your cash in a Vault.

What do I mean? 

When relinquishing control of your money It must meet the criteria in this video!

If it does not meet these requirements then it is not worth your time, effort, and mental anxiety.

That’s right, it is not worth the damage to your mental ability to produce at the highest level.

Risk is ONLY valuable where you can control it…

IE: Inside of your Business and/or your career.

Risk is not welcome inside of your #1 Strategy.

Where you require:

  1. Guarantees
  2. Protection
  3. Liquidity

This makes sense, right? Only take risk when you can maintain control!

When it comes to your future, your spouse, your kids, your legacy…

You must have guarantees

You must have Protection

You must be able to access it quickly when needed

You can leverage a guaranteed dollar much farther than one that is at RISK!

This is why we only use guaranteed fixed products.

We look at the full Macro picture of all of your finances to find the Money Leaks and areas where your money decisions are taking power away from you.


Especially when you see yourself as your #1 Asset.