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Protection to Enhance Production

In the Production Component workbook, you will find several quick tweaks that you can do to enhance what you are currently doing with your money.

These little tweaks are effective because protection always enhances production.

Download the Free workbook: The Protection Component from Vault AIS™

For example, what protects us from lawsuits when we’re in our automobile?

Liability protection.

I’m encouraging you to take the questions in this workbook to your property and casualty agent and have them assist you with this.

Download the Free workbook: The Protection Component from Vault AIS™

In home and auto insurance, or property and casualty insurance, there are deductibles, there are liability limits, and there’s loss.

The number one thing that we’re looking at is the liability limits.

We self-insure for the small stuff.

When we have our Vault and our liquid savings build up, we can self-insure if something small happens.

But if it’s something catastrophic, or there’s a major lawsuit, we don’t want individuals to figuratively jump over our moat and to get to our castle.

We want our moat to be massive.

We don’t want the moat bigger than our castle, we want it equal to.

In fact, there’s no way to be over-insured.
It’s not possible unless there’s some fraud or deception going on.

We’ve prepared a workbook for all of our clients.
In fact, if you’re not a client, click on the link and get value from this anyway.

Go through this booklet as a refresher.

There are step-by-step questions that cover your protection.
There are questions you can take to your other advisers to assist you in knowing versus hoping, that the coverage you currently have or could have is what you want.

By knowing versus hoping that we have all these areas of our lives set up in the way that maximizes protection, we maximize peace of mind. Then we can create at a higher level.

Make sure the size of your moat is equal to the size of your castle.
Your castle is:

  • your life,
  • your home,
  • your auto,
  • your family,
  • your major medical,
  • your investments,
  • your liquid savings.

Do you know that you won’t lose your castle?

Do you Know versus Hope?

Do you actually know that you won’t lose all of your liquid savings?

There is a way to know!
It’s through the step-by-step questions in this workbook that you can take to your advisors, to your attorney, and/or to your legal team that could assist you.

Can you see that this would give you the ability and power to increase your production at a higher level?

Work through this Protection Component workbook at least once a year.

Know versus hope that what you are doing in the protection area of your life is the most that you can do, and then leverage that by continuing to create and exchange value in the marketplace at a higher rate.

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