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This is Jim, and I am hijacking this week’s post.
Because No matter how prepared you and I are, sometimes hard things happen.
The solutions can often feel remote and sometimes it feels impossible.
I witnessed something in Michael’s recent desert race that has affected me in a profound way.
A hidden gift extracted out of a real-life parable that played out at a most unexpected moment.
Many of you know that Michael, the owner and founder of Vault AIS, also owns and races a Can-AM sponsored off-road race UTV.
We have messaged in the past about how Michael leverages the AIS Triangle™ to allow him space emotionally, mentally, financially, to be able to follow his passion of racing.
This is not that type of post.
Well, it is that type of post, but in a very different way.
You see, Michael was doing very well in this particular off-road race.
So well in fact that, other than his navigator, he didn’t need any of his support team to assist him.
He had it covered. The race was 8 laps of a 16-mile desert loop.
He had the race course memorized to the point that part way into the race he was confident enough to turn off the navigation in order to focus 100% of his energy and the car’s power into lighting the way and driving at the top of his game.
It was a night race and there was only a 2% moon mostly covered by clouds.
Pitch BLACK!
Driving by memory and super bright headlights.
It was raining on and off, dust was low, tire grip was incredible. It was perfect conditions for a very fast race. Confidently FLYING in the dark at 75+ MPH over some brutal desert terrain.
But that’s all backstory to a singular point in time that will guide my life and purpose for years to come.
At the end of lap 7, as Michael started the final lap, he landed a jump harder than the fatigued suspension parts could handle.
With a bang, the front end of the race car dropped.
Broken and no longer able to race, he limped the car under a light pole.
A broken shock, so close to the finish line.
Compressing his race fatigues body under the racecar, Michael gave a mighty push upward with his legs.
It was not enough; the attempt was a failure.
But it was only that; A failed attempt.
Simply a defining moment on a path; Not an end to a race.
It was not the outcome Michael demanded of himself and so he gathered what he had left and again, in the wee hours of the morning, he pushed with all that he had to give.
He succeeded in lifting the front of the desert race car off the ground and held it there while his navigator, James, replaced the broken shock.
Yes, they finished the race. As a matter of fact, he finished an impressive 4th in his class.
But the finish isn’t what has tattooed itself in my mind, it was the perseverance.
You are your #1 Asset, you are the only one who can make the Hero journey in your life story.
All of your life experiences, your training, your upkeep on yourself, your family, your finance, your support teams… It all plays a roll in a story that you are writing.
Michael does not go to the gym every morning with the thought that one day he might want to leg press a racecar in the mud. He goes because it’s part of a lifestyle that keeps him in balance.
You have a great support team all around, and we at Vault AIS are proud to be part of your support team.
You are the hero in your life story. No matter what obstacles you encounter, you can leverage any and all of your training and support to overcome.
Leverage your Vault, don’t just let it sit there and look pretty. Make it work for you.
But remember this; The solutions to the toughest puzzles often come from the training you have gained from unlikely of places.
See yourself as your #1 Asset
See your business/career as your #1 Investments
And make sure it’s all protected inside of your #1 Strategy, your Vault!