Who here is familiar with what an income statement and a balance sheet is?

A property value balance sheet. Assets and liabilities.

Assets minus liabilities equals the equity in a property value balance sheet.

Take a home valued at 1,000,000 and a mortgage of 500,000. The equity would be 500,000 in that most basic example.

We all have another balance sheet. It’s called a Human Life Value Balance sheet. Human Life Value. There are also assets and liabilities on our Human life value balance sheet.

Some of the assets would include our life experiences, our perspectives, education, morals, values, life experiences, and one of my favorites, relationship capital.

When I lost our family’s life savings, I was making payments on a personal loan to a former business partner, Garrett Gunderson.

I owed him $18,000. I would send him $50. Then $100 another month. The $200. Until the $18,000 was paid back. It took a few years to pay him back.

After Wendy and I separated because I wasn’t healthy to be around, one of the people I called was Gunderson.

We were original business partners. He watched me go through all that with investor guy, the Feds, and separating from my family.

After 45 days I moved back in with my family. I had multiple phone calls and in person visits with Gunderson. All while paying him back the $18k as I could.

It wasn’t just a few months that Gunderson came to me and asked if I would consider working with a few of his clients. Sharing with them all that I had gone through and what I was learning from it all.

I agreed. This client to that client led to a few years of eventually working with every new client that came through his office, sharing the concepts I’m sharing with you today.

This opportunity with Gunderson led to my family and I earning back all the cash that we lost with Investor guy and then some.

Relationship capital is a line item on the Human life value balance sheet.

Relationship capital.

Garrett Gunderson and I went on to write a book called What Would the Rockefellers Do? Making each other millions upon millions of dollars.

People are THE asset. Human life value is the source and the creator of all Property value. 

It’s a simple formula; if we are seeking more cash, property value assets, seek first to increase your human life value assets.

And yes, work on the liabilities. Limiting mindsets.

Gunderson to this day shares the story of me paying him back the $18k and the big business that we have produced together as a result of staying in integrity in our relationship with each other.

People are the asset things are not.

Human life value is the source and the creator of all property value. 

You are the number #1 Asset. You.

I could not pour from an empty cup. Can you?

I had to sober up.
Get to work.
On myself first.
Before I could then offer anything else to anyone around me. 

  • I read books.
  • Hired mindset coaches.
  • Studied The Work by Byron Katie.
  • Tony Robbins.
  • Garrett J White of Wake Up Warrior.
  • Dan Sullivan with Strategic Coach.
  • Numerous meetings with Garrett Gunderson on business strategy, but mostly mindset.

Limiting beliefs. Stories in my head of, I’m not good enough. I’m a failure. No one would want to listen to me. I had nothing to offer. I can’t be trusted.

Deep inner work had to be done. I did it. One class after another. One event after another.

I had tied my self worth to my financial balance sheet. And when all my financial assets were gone, I felt worthless. Giving no attention to my Human Life Value balance sheet.

Life experiences are a massive line item on the human life value balance sheet.

Perspective is also. Perspective determines action in our life.

Today I am of much more value to my clients because of what I have gone through. Experienced. Lost it all and made it all back.

I am clear on the life lessons.

I am the #1 Asset. And so are you in your life.
People are assets, things are not.

Human life value is the source and the creator of all propriety value.
Want more property value assets? Seek first to increase your HLV assets.

#1 Investment is in the areas I have control knowledge, expertise purpose and passion. Everything else is speculation. Gambling. 

Are you truly investing or gambling?

And the #1 Strategy in the marketplace today for cash that we are going to relinquish control of us to keep it GPL.
    1.    Guaranteed.
    2.    Protected.
    3.    Liquid.