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Increase your financial IQ & learn how we help you architect wealth.

The Economic Value of Certainty

Originally written by Les McGuire, MBA in 2003, The Economic Value of Certainty is an engaging article that uncovers the macroeconomic shortcomings found in the prevailing methodologies of typical financial and insurance planning.

“The AIS Triangle™” Masterclass

In this audio clip, Michael G. Isom shares real-life applications and in-depth details about the AIS Triangle™

  • #1 Asset
  • #1 Investment
  • #1 Strategy

The Safest Place on the Planet for Your Money

Originally adapted by Michael G. Isom in 2017, The Safest Place on the Planet for Your Money explains how and why Vault AIS™ associates with “the world’s safest industry”, an elite subclass of life insurance companies that have been around for well over 100 years.

3 Ways We Finance “Uninterrupted Compounding”

Learn the three ways people use to finance big-ticket items:

  1. Withdrawing capital
  2. Taking a loan from a bank 
  3. The “Holy Grail” of finance

Investing Vs Saving

Investing is not saving, it’s a totally different strategy. In this article, Michael Isom explores in detail the differences between saving and investing, including some surprising 2020 data.

The “8 Cow” Philosophy

When you prove your spouse’s economic value, they will inevitably expand to fill their role as co-creator in the kingdom. Not only in your relationship, but also in your #1 Investment—your career or business.

Get Your Free Hardcover Books!

Get two hardcover books from our founder, Michael Isom, What Would the Rockefellers Do? (with Garrett Gunderson) and What We’re Worth.

In these books, you’ll discover the secrets of the ultra-wealthy for protecting, growing, and passing on wealth for generations.