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What Would the Rockefellers Do?

By Garrett Gunderson and Michael Isom

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what would the rockefellers do

The Bestselling Blueprint for Creating a
Financial & Family Legacy that Lasts for Generations

How are the ultra-wealthy able to amass fortunes and pass them onto future generations? What are their secrets for growing, protecting, and perpetuating wealth?

More importantly, how can you learn what they do so that you—and your heirs—can have what they have?

What Would the Rockefellers Do? reveals the secrets of the ultra-wealthy that can change your family’s financial destiny.

It details the financial system used by the wealthy, including the Rockefeller family, the Kennedy family, Walt Disney, and many others to create legacy wealth that lasts for generations.

It also exposes the mistakes made by wealthy families who eventually lost the money, so you can avoid those mistakes.

You want to give your kids a better life than you had. But with strategic planning and the right tools, you can do more than this.

You can create a legacy of wealth and contribution that lives on in perpetuity—benefiting generations after you. And you can do it without creating spoiled “trust fund babies.” Instead, your wealth can be used to empower future generations.

Read this book to learn how to:


  • Set up your own “family bank” and tap into the formula the wealthiest people use to grow, protect, and access their wealth.
  • Immediately increase your cash flow by plugging financial leaks and being more efficient with your money.
  • Boost your savings rate up to 400–800% without having to lock your money away.
  • Improve your retirement income up to 30–40% percent without taking any additional risk or disinheriting your family.
  • Make money every time you make big purchases like homes and cars.
  • Enjoy guaranteed loans for the rest of your life—without credit checks and at the most competitive rates, for any reason.
  • Replace budgeting—which doesn’t work—with a system that actually works, without sacrificing your lifestyle today.
  • Safeguard your wealth from lawsuits, creditors and financial predators.
  • “Keep the money together” and avoid letting your children and grandchildren spend money as they please.
  • Pass on the advantages and opportunities of new wealth without the dangerous, damaging side effects to your heirs.