“A deep sense of self-worth is at the core of a healthy prosperous life”

I deserve this.
You deserve this in your life.
Everyone deserves this in their lives.

To love and be loved.

It all starts with the way we value ourselves. 

  • When we don’t feel worthy, we shut out others.
  • When we don’t feel worthy, we don’t see the worth in others. In life itself. 
  • When we don’t feel worthy, we don’t see nor feel value in the beauty of what is around us. 
  • When we don’t feel of worth, we have no desire to take care of ourselves.
  • We neglect our health. 
  • We neglect our relationships.

Why create and exchange with others if we do not feel worthy or of value?

So much of the happiness in all areas of our life comes down to the value we place on ourselves.

Our own Human Life Value. HLV.

We all have a balance sheet when it comes to our property value. Assets and liabilities.
Home. Auto. Retirement acct. Cash savings.
On and on.
Liabilities such as a mortgage. Auto loan. Line of credit. Etc.

Assets minus Liabilities equal the equity on our property value balance sheet.

This property value balance sheet is the seen.

The unseen is the Human Life Value balance sheet.

We also have assets and liabilities on this balance sheet.

Some assets would be things like our experiences in life.
Morals and values.

The unseen creates the seen.

People are the true assets things are not.

Human Life Value creates all the property value in our life.

It’s a simple yet profound formula.

Is you want more PV Property value then you must first increase your HLV.

My new book coming out talks all about this.

I’m excited to share it with the world.

You and I are worth it.
Self-worth is a line item on your HLV balance sheet.

What then is the ROR, rate of return, for you to feel a deep sense of self-worth in your life?
You are the #1 Asset. Isn’t it time you treated yourself as such. 

What is one thing you did today or will do today to build your HLV? Increasing your personal stock value.