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Imagine for a moment being out in a sail boat with a small sail.

How fast would you be moving?
How efficient would that be?

It’s about efficiency.
It’s also about leverage and utilization.

MEC’s in a life insurance policy.
A Modified Endowment Contract is a tax qualification of a life insurance policy whose funding exceeds federal tax law limits.

Most of our goals are such that we want to get close to the MEC limit but not go over it. Going over it would eliminate the tax favored benefits of whole life.

As we seek to build wealth it’s much more efficient to “max fund” our “Vaults” up to the MEC limit.

Take advantage of this benefit that is there for each one of us by paying in the max limits of PUA’s. Or at least close to those max levels.

You want your sail to be 2-3 times larger than your boat.

Is yours?

Have you lowered your sail? Is it time to raise it back up?

Paid Up Additions.

For those of you that have a policy with the PUA rider are you taking advantage of this IRS tax benefit?

Not sure? Ask us.

We want each one of you to be as efficient as you can with your money.

Do circumstances come up where we must lower the PUA amounts? Yes. And it’s great that we have the flexibility to do so.


I’ve lowered mine from time to time and I’ve raised them back up.

Max funding your policies is one of those ways to be efficient with your money.